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4 Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Traffic

From the start-up entrepreneurs to the veterans that have been around for years, no one is going to say no to getting more traffic to their site. Some companies will tell you that you have to spend thousands on advertising. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot.

Check out these 4 marketing strategies that are going to give your website a major boost in traffic.

  1. Spend your attention on site load times

Did you know a 2010 study from Akamai Technologies uncovered that about 57% of shoppers waited only 3 seconds before they decided to call it quits on a site? That means if your site doesn’t give the customer what he or she wants within 3 seconds, that person is going to go elsewhere.

Doesn’t offer much comfort, does it?

It’s about to get worse. With so many updated technologies budding every day, about 65% of people from the age range from 18 to 24 years old said they expect a website to load within 2 seconds.

That leaves virtually no room for any kind of error.

This also means you want to improve your website load times. You have a few different options, such as optimization and going with a content deliver network (CDN). A CDN is going to help customers get your content faster and easier. And as a major plus, it only takes a few minutes to install. You have a few different options when it comes to systems, and most of them are pretty affordable.

If you want to check how fast your website is, check out Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix. With each system, you will get a grade on the way your site is performing and running, which will clue you in on whether you need to step it up a lot or just fix a few loopholes.

  1. Get some meta tags

If you aren’t sure what a meta tag is, you’re already behind. Meta tags are pieces of coding that play a huge role in your marketing. There are two pieces to this – the page title and the meta description. For the title, keep it under 70 characters and make this individual for each page. For example, for your ‘Products & Services’ page, you would want to write [Your Company’s Name] | Products & Services.

As for the meta description, this should be under 160 characters. Why? Because you want to make sure the entire thing shows up in search engines, so customers and potential customers can get a piece of your business and decide to move forward. This should be a general overview of what’s on the web page. The better the meta description is (as in, the more detailed), the higher likelihood of someone clicking on your page.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

How many people do you think use their cell phone during the day? That number is increasing every single day – and you have to keep up with that.

In fact, according to ComScore, 73 million Americans get access to the web through their mobile browser.

marketing strategies

And you want to make sure you’re catering to that audience, especially since it’s a growing number.  Having a mobile-friendly website is going to open up a ton of possibilities, including different advertising chances, better SEO, and an overall superior user experience (giving you a one up from your competitors).

  1. Get rid of all double content

When you head over to a website, and you see the same information on there more than once, what do you think? Some people think it’s the business being too pushy. Other people think it is a sign of being sloppy, as repeated content is taken as a mistake.

And the hits just keep on coming. Google actually punishes you when you have the same info on your website. Here’s how it works – when you have the same information on your site, it’s going to reflect back on the search results. Your site isn’t going to come up as quickly as others, which is going to push you down toward the bottom and cut back on website traffic.

There are a couple of different systems you can use to help you pick out the duplicated content on your website. This includes systems such as Xenu and Google Webmaster Tools. Or, take a few minutes out of your day to read through your website thoroughly. Odds are, you will find a few duplicated pieces you might have added without realizing it.

That is 4 marketing strategies that you can use to increase your traffic. Start implementing these tips into your site and you will get more traffic.

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What marketing strategies do you use to increase your traffic? Do you have any of your own tips? Let me know in the comment section below.



How to Double Your Website Traffic with Social Media

The extensive use, development and spread of the internet has taken sales and marketing to a much more advanced level. This has been due to the wide spread optic fibers, modems and smartphones which have enabled faster accessibility of internet services.


Online or internet marketing has proved to be one of the most efficacious ways for both local and international companies to reach a larger audience. It is a term which describes all activities geared towards increasing or improving sales with the internet being the core infrastructure. It’s one area which is really dynamic and therefore, only people who have sound online marketing strategies can be successful.

Broadly, internet marketing encompasses the following major areas:

Email marketing; this involves the use of e-mails to reach out to a wide spectrum of audience. Ideally, sending e-mails is mainly geared towards enhancing good relationship between the existing customers and the merchant; acquiring new and convincing existing customers about certain products just to mention a few.

Web marketing; this is also an integral part of internet marketing. It includes the use of affiliate marketing programs, e-commerce web sites, the use of organic search results (search engine optimization -SEO) and placing adverts on search engines just to mention a few.

Social media marketing; this involves the use of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and WeChat to reach out to a specific audience.

All these have only one ultimate goal; to increase web traffic. But, what is web traffic?

Web traffic typically refers to the number of visitors to a website and the number of pages they click. Normally, websites have the ability to monitor both the outgoing and the incoming traffic. This is an essential part of internet marketing since it’s the web traffic, which ultimately determines the number of sales one can make within a given period. That is, the higher the traffic the better.

Info graph show 10 Amazing stats on Social media




When planning to use any social network to drive traffic to a website, it’s significant to note that there’s a possibility of either driving junk or quality traffic. For instance, when people visit a website, skim through the first page and finally leave, then this could be referred to as a junk traffic. On the other hand, when people visit a website and spend some time on site surfing through multiple web pages within a site then this is referred to as quality traffic. While going for social media as a way to drive traffic to website, always go for nothing less than quality traffic. This can only be possible if the site has quality information or content which can keep visitors glued to the site.

The use of social media to drive traffic is a viable deal, which cannot be ignore by any online entrepreneur. To make social media be of great importance to either an online blog or site, there are basic things that one must fulfill. Some of these key factors include:

Creating a compelling social media profile

Your profile will act as your identity in any social media network. It should give one an impression of who you are and what exactly you’re doing. It must be complete so that not even a single person should doubt all that you claim to do. Therefore, you must fill all the relevant categories.

Remember, joining only one social media site won’t be enough, you can have Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn accounts. However, while doing this, it’s also worth noting that these sites have different structures more so when it comes to making a profile. For instance, with both Twitter and Facebook, you can write your website’s address while on LinkedIn, there’s an option to personalize your links. This makes them a superlative way to drive quality traffic since you can easily target a specific audience.

You can also revamp your social media profile by joining groups which are related to what you do. Moreover, there’s also an option of creating your own groups or communities which you can also invite people to join. This can also be a major source of quality traffic.

While opting to join social media networks, underrating the importance those sites which aren’t popular may only bar you from getting more traffic. As long as the network is relevant to what you’re doing, it can be of great help to the business.


Keep your social media active through posts

Having a compelling profile isn’t enough. The only way to keep all friends and followers engaged is through posting valuable information regularly. Always have the social aspect of human being and remember to post not only the links to your main site, but also informative texts, images and videos. You can also comment when necessary. Remember, it’s the only way to keep your audience engaged.

While doing this, posting all these contents at the right time also plays an integral role in driving traffic. For instance, posting a news threads which had been posted and read several days or months ago may not do your site any good since no one will be interested in them. Be sure to be updated.

Try and establish the time exact when most of your followers are online. This could be the appropriate time to create such posts. At times it can be difficult to manage these social media networks and may be employing someone to assist you could be worthwhile as long as he or she dedicated to achieve your primary objectives.

Remember, engaging in social media doesn’t mean that your main role is to post comments regularly. You can also comment on other people’s posts, share other people’s posts, ask questions and like other threads as well. This will most definitely bring out the idea of being a social individual and most definitely you’re likely to capture attention of many.



Posting links to your website/blog

Posting these links which are valuable to your social media will also drive more traffic to your main site. However, while doing this, it should not just be the targeted link alone; always provide some brief description to give the audience an idea of what the content is all about.

Similarly, adding social media sharing buttons to your posts makes it easier for the readers to share your posts with their friends and followers on other social networks. This will also make it easier to get more traffic from social media.

Advertising on social media

Creating relevant adverts to what you sell or your website is also important. However, this can be expensive to those who are getting into the online business. You can create an ad and link it to your site. Find out from various social networks the rules and regulations governing the creation of such items.

Be keen on trends

Social networks are very dynamic as people are always out to establish the best way to communicate with other people within the network. For instance, using hashtags is one of the trending ideas in most social media networks. They are essential in driving traffic since your posts can be discovered easily by your followers. Go for the trending hashtags and use them skillfully to create your updates.

The role which social media networks plays cannot be ignored by anyone who’s planning to venture in any online marketing. Be sure to incorporate it skillfully in your online ventures.

I hope you learnt a lot from this article, just remember to post regular content and from a different range of sources. Don’t just self-promote as no-one likes people who only self-promote. Throw in the odd couple of links from your own site but also add in links from different sites.

What techniques do you use to increase traffic to your website? Do you regularly post content on Social Media? I’d love to hear from you. Post in the comment section below.