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How to Become a Genius?

Entrepreneurs and geniuses come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. There are entrepreneurs and geniuses all over the world.

To celebrate The Success Story being available to download for free on Amazon Kindle we have highlighted three of the generations greatest entrepreneurs and geniuses.

Albert Einstein

So, who is this first example? Germany’s own Albert Einstein. Yes the discoverer of this small insignificant thing called the theory of relativity or better known as E=MC2. And the bomb that wiped out Hiroshima.

He is our first example because he had a mindset that brought him to where he was. Here was some of his qualities and situations.

Good old Albert was:

• Dyslexic: This is a disorder of the brain by which someone will perceive letters backwards. This doesn’t make things easy to read so this brings us to the next bullet point.

• He stunk when it came to science and other subjects but excelled in math. You would think that someone could invent a hydrogen bomb that stunk at science.

• Didn’t even start talking until he was 2 and asked his mother why his sister didn’t have wheels. Hmm… No comment.

• He was married like three times and one of those times being his cousin.

• He was rejected from colleges yet turned down the offer to be president of Israel. This man didn’t even begin to succeed until his later life!



So, what was the one thing that kept him going? Well, we could give the lame answer and say he had a win win and can do attitude, blah blah blah, you get that with every Crackerjack entrepreneurial book. But, that isn’t us. You’re reading this to get into the mindset of an entrepreneur and though he was more of an inventor and discoverer, Uncle Albert had the heart and mind of an entrepreneur. Why? Because as he said in one of his most famous quotes “ A clever person solves a problem, a wise person avoids it”. So what does this mean to the entrepreneurial mindset? Aren’t you supposed to run headlong and tackle problems?

Well, not really. An entrepreneur will find ways to avoid a problem that they can’t fix and think outside the box to find the resources to go around it. Therefor it is no longer an obstacle. The man that invented the H-bomb HAD TO think as an entrepreneur should think when they approach any obstacle. So thank you Uncle Albert for the rule of the entrepreneurial mindset number one:

Think Outside the Box! And be unconcerned with the opinions of Others about who you are and where you are going.

Mark Zuckerberg

So, now we know that thinking outside the box is an important thing, and must be coupled with not being concerned with what others think of you—because you can’t do one without the other. We go on to the other guy. Mark Zuckerberg.

Most people will either love him or hate him—think he cares? With Facebook worth over 200 Billion. So, did it walk right up to him and fall in his lap? NO, did he freak out and sell FB to the first person that offered this kind of money? Nope, the last we checked he is still the owner and living it large while the rest of us are still moaning about our mediocre lives on FB taking selfies and the millionth picture of our dog.


Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook

What was his mindset? Well, apart from sharing a mindset with Albert Einstein in entrepreneurial mindset number one—he had confidence. This boy walked away from Microsoft, and Mtv as well as several other major conglomerates that weren’t offering him chump change for this invention. He walked away from millions and billions. His people must have thought he lost his mind. But, no, he learned young to negotiate with one hand on the door and be confident.

The mindset of en entrepreneur can be fickle. We will tell you that, like Zuckerberg, you should keep your eyes on the prize and once you have a price or a goal you shouldn’t budge, even if the offer sounds great. Then we would tell you that the entrepreneurial mindset embraces change. OK, so thank you Zuck for the entrepreneurial mindset rule number two. Embrace change, only when it meets your needs. Stand your ground confidently.

Donald Trump

This leads into the third entrepreneurial rule of thumb and our last example Donald Trump. This is one of the most famous real estate moguls we have in the world with a net worth of 4 billion dollars as of September of 2014. He has the first two rules pretty down pat and more. He listens to his gut and not to much more. So, you’re thinking, he has years of experience on me, of course he can trust his gut! Not a thing to do with it. Yes experience is always good but entrepreneurs are fresh and new and out there with young blood and boundless energy —that is—if you want to be successful.

So, you need to get out of your own way! You can take advice but do it the way Darling Donald would, only from those you respect! If your gut tells you a startup is going to be a success and you don’t stop your first thought with fear then it will succeed and if it is your first one, make sure you are starting small so you can get out quick. Remember entrepreneurial mindset rule two— embrace change when it meets your needs.

Following your gut is one of the most important rule that Donald has followed consistently through his entrepreneurial career. He has also embraced diversity in his businesses. He is into everything from wealth creation systems to vitamin supplements and much more than his mainstay, real estate.

His other trait is tenacity. And I quote him as stating, “Anyone who thinks my story is even close to over is sadly mistaken. This is a mindset from a man who learned from an old school generation. But he emerged from that a cutting edge entrepreneur when he developed the mindset that he can be involved in more than one venture whether or not they are all a shining success.


And not all of these ventures have been. But, he made them work for him and his bottom line and he also understands that these are learning experiences. You are probably thinking, “He’s still learning”? Oh yes and that my friends is another mindset to really sink your teeth into.

There is never a time that you stop learning as an entrepreneur. You see, try to get this before we move on because it’s one of the most important parts of this book. Entrepreneurship is ever changing. The only thing evergreen about entrepreneurship is change—that’s it. Of you don’t learn what the trends are then you fail—simple as that. This is why we are lending the wisdom of the mindsets of the great entrepreneurs of our time and before. Because they have mastered this understanding. So another warm thank you from Donald Trump for providing the entrepreneurial mindset number three: Go with your gut and take advice, only from those you respect. Allow yourself to be diverse in your business dealings without fear of failure.

Wrapping Up

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Finally our book The Success Story is available to download on Amazon Kindle for free from 18th January to 22nd January. Be sure to download it and leave a review.


What You Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger the man famous for his movies and one liners. You might recognize him from  such films and clips like:

Arnold Schwarzenegger: One of the Greatest Success Stories Ever

But Arnold was not always a movie star. To me his journey to becoming the movie star is a lot more interesting and inspirational. This article will look at the famous stars journey to becoming one of the most famous actors ever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story is truly an inspiration for all. A man who came from a small village in Austria called Thal. He overcame adversity and hardships to become an ultra-successful bodybuilder, businessman, actor and mayor of California. Arnold is most famous for films like Predator, The Terminator franchise and The Expendables.

During his bodybuilding career he won the Mr Olympia contest seven times. He initially won the Mr Universe contest at 20 years of age and since then has written many books, articles and made movies about bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger also has a contest named after him called, the Arnold Classic.

Schwarzenegger was born in the small village of Thal in Austria in 1947 to police chef Gustav Schwarzenegger and housewife Aurelia. He also had a brother called Meinhard. So he was born to pretty much average parents and was born in a poor household.

Growing up Arnold never had much, but what he did have was tremendous focus, unbelievable determination and unstoppable drive.

He was so committed to becoming the world bodybuilding champion that when he  at a young age he went to his gym at night when it was closed, keep in mind it was freezing temperatures and Arnold went out to train. It was that cold that his hands would stick to the barbell.

This shows incredible determination and will from Arnold Schwarzenegger to achieve his goals.

One day in his beloved Austria, Arnold watched the movie Hercules starring British bodybuilder Reg Park. He got inspired to enter bodybuilding and acting in movies from watching Reg Park on the big screen.

Arnold Training

He gave Arnold Schwarzenegger some great advice on bodybuilding and other aspects of life and would go on to be a lifelong mentor of his.


Total Recall

The book, Total Recall is more of a personal memoir of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he details all his ups and downs in this book. Arnold talks about his encounters with different people throughout his life and how much of an influence various people were on his life.

Arnold always wanted to go America and become like his idol Reg Park. He wanted to do anything he could to get there and he finally got there through bodybuilding.

However at around age 18 he had to join the Austrian Army. It was obligatory for men to serve in the army. This would not deter young Arnold from his goal of becoming a bodybuilding champion.

Even after the grueling army schedule and training, Schwarzenegger would still lift weights for a couple of hours a day. He was extremely dedicated.

As bodybuilding and weight-lifting wasn’t as big back then not many people understood bodybuilding and why someone would do it.

He convinced his superiors to make make-shifts weights. Because it helped make people stronger and fitter, his superiors obliged straight away and Arnold and his buddies would train even after their normal army training had finished.

It was here that he won his very first bodybuilding title. This would be the start of something truly special. He won the Junior Mr Europe contest at 18 while still at his training camp. He was punished and spent a week in military prison for deserting the army.

That was way back in 1965. He went on to win several bodybuilding titles in the coming years. He was the main protagonist of the bodybuilding film Pumping Iron. The film documents his journey to winning and beating Lou Ferrigno to the 1975 Mr Olympia title. This hugely increased his popularity.


Business Savvy

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger had even begun starring in movies he had become a millionaire from his business ventures. Schwarzenegger had become a millionaire before he reached 30. His first real business was a brick laying business that he started with his close friend and fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbu.

There business thrived due to excellent marketing from the pair and a high increase due to a earthquake in Southern California.

From there he invested his profits into creating a mail order business that would sell signed Arnold Schwarzenegger photos and memorabilia, fitness tapes and instructional videos and fitness equipment. His business was booming and to keep up with demand he had to hire further employees.

He also went into the real estate market and throughout the years bought several buildings that he would go on and sell as investments. Schwarzenegger was  a millionaire way before he even got into acting and was a millionaire before he turned 30.

After his success in business, Arnold saw proper success as an actor when he made Conan the Barbarian. Conan the Barbarian was a commercial success and got Schwarzenegger noticed. After which he made blockbusters such as Terminator, Predator, Twins and Terminator 2.

When trying to breakthrough to acting, Arnold found it difficult to land an acting gig. Movie producers were saying his accent would be hard to understand, his body was to big for the screens or that his surname was weird and hard to pronounce.

He actually turned them into his strengths from what was  actually known for at one stage as his ‘weaknesses’. He would work on his craft. He took acting classes to improve his acting skills and he took English lessons to improve his pronunciation. He was always looking to improve and become better.



Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successes have not come without his failures. He has had many failures over the years but it’s about how he has overcome those failures and turned them around.

Arnold and his close friend Franco Columbu had put their winnings from Mr Olympia and the money they made from their bricklaying business towards to what they thought would be a good investment. They bought a plot of land near an airport for $10,000. They thought they would get back their investment really quickly. Little did they know, their investment would fail and they would end up losing their money.

However even after this they carried on and didn’t look back at their failures.

When Arnold was competing professionally for Mr Olympia he was beaten to the bodybuilding title a number of times. His arch-rival in bodybuilding was Sergio Olivia, a Cuban bodybuilder. He did lose to him.

However this just gave Arnold more motivation to train harder and work even harder. Eventually he was winning the title year in, year out.

There was a number of movies that Arnold starred in that were not commercially successful and were actually considered ‘flops’. In 1985 he starred in Red Sonja which carries on from the Conan movie series. Arnold considers it as one of the biggest flops of his career and actually regrets working in it.

Later on that year he released Commando which turned out to be the 7th highest grossing R-Rated movie of 1985.

Another one of his failures includes Planet Hollywood which launched in 1991. Planet Hollywood was a Hollywood themed restaurant with many investors from Hollywood. PH Restaurants would feature memorabilia from famous Hollywood movies.  Other than Schwarzenegger investors included Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

The restaurant ended up going bankrupt twice and Schwarzenegger severed his ties with the company and got out. He claimed that it was not  as successful as he had hoped.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has faced many difficulties and failures in his life but he has learned to overcome them and improve. From each failure he learns something and improves upon himself. He would note where he went wrong and would work on improving that certain aspect.

That is what you should do as well. From each failure or difficulty faced, you should learn from it so next time you will be better.

Rules to Success

In his book, Total Recall he goes on and details his principles for success. These principles actually helped Arnold get to where he is now. He gets some of the principles from great people he has met over the years.

When he does meet a great person, Arnold used to pick their brain and find out what actually makes them successful.

There may be thousands of different keys to success as everyone has a different way of doing something. However these are ten principles of Arnold that lead him to his success.

  1. Never let pride get in your way.
  2. Don’t Over think.
  3. Forget Plan B.
  4. You can use outrageous humor to  settle a score.
  5. The day has 24 hours.
  6. Reps, reps, reps.
  7. Don’t blame your parents.
  8. Change takes big balls
  9. Take care of your body and your mind.
  10. Stay Hungry

These are all some very key and important rules to success. He says you should make use of everyday. Back in his student days in the 70’s, he would train for 5 hours a day, go to acting class for 4 hours a day, worked in a construction job for several hours a day and I'll be bachalso go to college and complete his homework.

You should make use of every hour of everyday. Try to be as efficient as possible.

The 6th point is all about putting the practice in. Practice makes perfect after all. You just have to keep on doing the reps until it comes natural to you.

You should not only take care of your body but your mind as well. Your mind is one of the most important assets you have. Therefore you should not only train your body, you should also train your mind. You can do this by reading, learning and continually seeking knowledge.

The last point of maybe the most important point is to Stay Hungry. You should always Stay Hungry for more. You should always want more and never be satisfied. You should be hungry for success, be hungry for more and more importantly leaving your mark on the world.

We should all stay hungry!


Thanks for reading this article and I hope you have learned a lot from this article. If you found this article helpful, I would appreciate it if you could share this article.

If you would like to learn more about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his story from a young Austrian boy to champion bodybuilder and movie star; then you should buy his book, Total Recall.

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facebook wall

The Secret Behind Mark Zukerberg


Mark Zuckerberg’s venture in the social media network has been a topic of discussion in some of the most prestigious magazines and televisions in the recent past. This has been due to his ability to have a fair share of the revenue generated by the social media networks. Whenever the name Mark Zuckerberg is mentioned anywhere, what clicks in everyone’s mind is Facebook (FB). A social media network which he pioneered. But, how did all begin?

Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook

Getting FB to where it is presently has not been a walk in the park as this young investor had to sacrifice a lot to follow his passion. At 23 years old, he had already defined what he wanted to become in life since he had begun developing social networks by then. Realization of FB begun with the development of Facemash. This was back in October 23, 2003 when he launched Facemash.com. It was a site which was used by the Harvard University students (where he was studying) to compare two students’ pictures mainly to identify who was cute and who wasn’t. This was after he had hacked the Harvard’s database to acquire students’ photos. It did not only put Mark at loggerheads with school administration, but also with his fellow students who demanded that the site be shut down. This wasn’t a big blow to him either since he had set his mind to establish a social network. It was clear that Mark had not only violated the University rules and regulations for distribution of digitized images but also the campus computer use policies. This was the first trouble he faced in his attempted to create FB. This didn’t make him abandon his passion as many would have done. Later, some of his friends; Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss also accused Mark of stealing the idea they had when creating HarvardConnection.com. They claimed that he used their idea to develop FB. He was later sued.  A case which begun in September, 2004 when they claimed Mark had stolen their ideas while working for them as a programmer. It was later dropped. Another challenge which seemed to have encouraged Mark to pursue his passion. But who could actually tell actually tell how Mark will be in a decade to come? Mr. Zuckerberg’s idea proved to be viable and it was at this point that he began receiving investors such as Sean Parker and Peter Theil. By Dec 2004, FB had over one million registered members. He has remained focused on his ventures. FB is presently one of the leading social media networks after it acquired FriendFeed in 2009, Instagram in 2012 and its latest acquisition latest acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014.  It has evolved from being for educational purposes to a marketplace which generate sales for most online investors. In fact, there’re numerous people who earn their living through FB.It was really a long journey that anyone who’s not determined and patient could easily give up. For Mark, any challenge he faced was an avenue for a greener pasture and on January 11, 2004; he registered thefacebook.com domain.  By February 2004, “The Facebook”, was launched. Initially, it was only used by the Harvard University students before it spread to Boston universities, in the UK and the other parts of the world. In 2005, it was named facebook.com and it marked Mr. Zuckerberg’s entry to the social media network.


Who has never heard of FB? Which social media network do you focus on as an online marketer or blogger? How many web pages are linked to FB? Definitely you must have an answer, but the plain truth is that all these have been possible through determination of Mr. Zuckerberg.  FB has surely had a fair share of the market. He must be enjoying the fruits of his hard work. We can only use one word to describe him: a billionaire. He wasn’t born with it, neither were his parents nor the family members. He made it himself with support from close friends more so his classmates. An indication of how people around play a significant role. Just before his company could celebrate its first decade, he had already offered it to the public, but guess what; during its initial public offering (IPO) on May 18, 2012, its IPO was one of the biggest in the history in both the internet and technology. Its market capitalization was valued over $104 billion. No one could have expected this to happen considering that it had been in the public domain for less than a decade. facebook wall That was then. After FB had celebrated its first decade in February, a share was valued for over $70 which was the highest since its IPO. At the moment it goes for above $65 which is really incredible. Mark Zuckerberg, is the CEO of FB. He owns a bigger percentage of FB shares and as of March 2014, his net worth had hit the $28.5 billion mark. May be you can look back and see how far FB has come from just right from the time he launched facemash.com  which was thwarted a couple of days due to privacy issues. For this reason, he confidently bought WhatsApp at $19 billion just to have more grip on the social network. Actually, this was a calculated move since WhatApp was also another fastest social media network. Remember this was a point when the number of people joining FB had greatly declined. He also bought Oculus for a cool $2 billion. Oculus make Virtual Reality headsets. Once someone wears the headset they in a completely different reality. This is a truly remarkable company that they have bought out and it can lead to amazing advances in gaming and technology. May be Mark Zuckerberg had gone for this to secure the future of FB which was actually essential. This could be Mr. Mark Zuckerberg’s game plan to dominate the social media considering that he had bought Instagram some time back. Could he be going for the WeChat which also out to capture the Asian region while still strategizing to spread to the United State where FB dominates? Of course to be successful, you must have executable strategies which are realistic as Mr. Mark did. Challenges will also be part of it and you must learn to forge ahead despite the hard and difficult situations. Facebook-logo-ICON-02_0Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, has actually made enough for himself and he’s still going to make more money as a matter of fact. FB still has a brighter future. Presently, as most financial analysts have projected; the gentleman is “having the best 2014 of anyone on earth”. This is one person who’s worth emulating in 2014. Mark Zukerberg has changed the way people communicate and introduced a new way to interact with people. Before Facebook you could not virtually poke someone or play on someone’s virtual farm but now with Facebook you can. A Hollywood film was made in 2010 about Mark Zukerberg and the creation of Facebook starring Jesse Einsberg. The film is called The Social Network and you can purchase it from Amazon. We hope you enjoyed this article about Mark Zukerberg and the success story behind him. A came from a long way and was in no means privileged. He was intelligent and talented and used those skills along with networking and the help of friends to build a billion dollar business empire that anyone would be proud of.

Matt Mullenweg

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Mullenweg

Matt is a multitalented individual who has so far achieved extraordinary goals. He is a singer, renowned online entrepreneur and web developer besides investing in online social media. He is popular for the development of WordPress. His story is surely a very inspirational story to many people out there.

Founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg: His Inspirational Story has been an inspiration to many 

He went to the University of Houston before he dropped out during the year 2004. He had gone to study Political Science. But how did he come to develop WordPress yet he had intended to be a political scientist? It’s a passion. Once you’re passionate about something and you realize that whatever you’re doing isn’t leading you towards what you want to do; making the right decision is the only way out and Matt definitely made a decision.

But is it true that it can take time to discover what we really want to be in life? Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Gabe Newell just to mention a few. Each of these have one thing in common, they have an inspirational story. There must be something behind this or could it be Matt was following this trend? Bill Gates is the father Microsoft Corporation, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple and Gabe Newell the founder of Video Game Development

Matt share one common thing with Mark Zuckerberg; the founder of Facebook – age. The two were born in 1984. Most definitely the amount of wealth Mark gathered is far much above Matts. It has never been a source of discouragement to him. For Matt, he only had one main source of inspiration: to serve the public as much he could with all that he had at his disposal. It could be a reason behind the numerous foundations he’s funding.

He got his inspiration from various organizations such as the Open Source Application Foundation, which created Chandler; Free Software Foundation which, created the GNU and GPL and Mozilla Foundation which has made browsing through the web much easier.

Matt Mullenweg

Matt’s WordPress Foundation is a charitable organization has been instrumental in running his open source blogging tool; the WordPress. It’s one tool which is currently being used by most bloggers due to its flexibility and convenience. Moreover, there are very many websites which are also powered by WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg's personal WordPress site, ma.tt
Matt Mullenweg’s personal WordPress site, ma.tt

Starting your own venture is a key to success. It really becomes so difficult a decision to make as most people tend to fear that they’re likely to fail. Matt was employed at CNET Networks before he made a decision to start his own company in 2005. This could have been a break through to him. He called his company Automattic. This company has been a backbone to most of his ventures. Through this, he has been able to propel WordPress.com, Polldaddy and VaultPress just to mention a few.

He has very many charity organizations which serve different purposes such addressing critical issues and basic survival. Some of these foundations include Archive.org. US-Ireland Alliance, the Innocence Project and Apache Foundation just to mention a few. This basically calls for proper management of time. You have to create time for everything that you do.

Matt has been able to achieve a lot and is one of the most envied people, despite the fact that he’s not among the top billionaires in the world. How he lives his life is just amazing. Having total control and being accountable for all that you do is such a pretty idea. Having simple rules that your daily life and activities is really prudent.

How does Matt go about his daily activities?

He is very inspirational more so how approaches his day. Just simple policies like avoiding computers for the first one hour after waking. It can surely be difficult for an online entrepreneur like Matt though, it’s a policy and he follows it. Waking up without an alarm signaling him to wake up and beginning any of his meetings at 11am. Of course every policy you formulate to guide your life must have a reason. Remember, it’s all about ensuring that you’re not inconvenienced unnecessarily.

It’s all about having good control of the life you’re living. They actually form a source of inspiration just like how Matt puts it. Do you have any rules to govern your life?

For most online entrepreneurs, they believe that spending most of their time working online, sleeping by the computer and checking for mails before doing anything else means that they’re in control of their ventures. It’s not. Life without policies and clear guidelines is nothing but gambling.

Reading books play a significant role as they encourage us and give us more insight on how we should go about certain factors and issues in life. Pretending to be too busy to get inspiration from other sources isn’t right. There so many books which are useful as far as entrepreneurship. Some of them include The 24 Hour Work Week, Think and Grow Rich and The Secret just to mention a few. For Matt, he reads and evaluates and finds what he thinks is good for him. For instance in The 24-Hour Work Week where the author, Tim Ferris advocates for checking e-mails twice a week he finds it difficult. He openly confesses.

For sure, you don’t need to be like Matt of Tim Ferris, but, you can design a better way of doing things. It must be convenient to you.

Technology is best when it brings people together.

Matt lives an “ordinary life” just like other people. That is to mean, despite the fact that he has a lot at his disposal, he creates to listen music, watches movies, engages in recreational activities and goes to the office to keep posted on how they’re fairing on despite that fact that he can get all these information from the e-mail. Remember, life is not all about making money.

All successful persons are always passionate about all that they do and they keep on trying just to ensure that people get the best out of all that they provide. Matt has ensured that WordPress Foundation serves the core role which it was designed for. Going for what we like and treasure most is a perfect option since will do it with all our heart.

Planning is necessary since it’s only through it that Matt has been able to run the numerous foundations at his disposal. This will also go hand in hand with having certain things you’d wish to emulate in life.

We hope you learnt more about Matt Mullenweg and more about his inspirational story. We hope this has in turn inspired you to do something and build or create something. Do you have anything that you wanted to do? What kind of success do you want to achieve? We would love to hear from you. If you liked this article share it, sharing is caring!