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11 Ways To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Many business proprietors need a shock – something that helps their companies develop, whether it’s discovering better approaches to offer their items or to grow their client base. Obviously, there are many potential roads for accomplishing development, and every business needs to survey at its own business model and focus its own particular path.

Take your Business to the Next Level

Companies additionally will be making moves to accomplish greater success one year from now. To make your own resolutions about developing your business, consider these 11 ways as a feature of a fruitful 2015 activity plan. Use these ways to help your business develop.

  1. Stay composed

Try not to lose center of your objectives and verify you comprehend what you’re doing and when. Keeping yourself sorted out is the first stride to achievement.

Utilize All the Tools You Can. There’s, truly, several instruments on the web to build your productivity. Utilizing your time smartly makes life less upsetting, and gives you a chance to accomplish all the more in a day. Lifehacker is a great web journal to peruse in case you’re searching for devices and traps to spare time and make life less demanding.

Try not to Hesitate to Outsource You can’t do everything. It’s comprehended that there’s just 24 hours in the day and you have to rest eventually. Unwinding that should be in control of everything is a decent step towards development. By outsourcing some work you invest your energy doing things that are more imperative, and ideally, what you’re great at.

  1. Reward Yourself

At whatever point you achieve another breakthrough or completion your noteworthy assignments, reward yourself. Whether it is 30 minutes of Twitter time or that cake you’ve been peering toward, you merit it for completing your work.

  1. Be Easy to Get in Contact With

By what means can a correspondent reach you on the off chance that I can’t discover your contact information any place? Where do I email you? Could I call you? What in the event that I was a client that needed to purchase your item, or a potential new customer? Being anything but difficult to contact implies less passed up a great opportunity opportunities.

Interface with People Online Just like being anything but difficult to reach is essential, so is interfacing with individuals. My two most loved locales to utilize are LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep in mind to associate with me there.

Create Actionable Schedules. Every week I create a rundown of things I need to wrap up. Everything is something that can be done, and measured. (Not something like be a superior individual, in spite of the fact that that’s generally a smart thought) Be mindful so as not to over-burden your schedule. The thought is to create a situated of errands you know you can wrap up.

muhammad ali quote

  1. Settle on Smart Decisions

Take the time to learn all that you can before settling on a choice. Information is power, and having all the information prompts less oversights.

  1. Try not to Be Overly Risky

Going for broke is doltish, going for broke is shrewd. You can’t develop your organization without going for broke; it’s a vital piece of business. You can, nonetheless, minimize the quantity of awful dangers you take by verifying you completely comprehend what you’re doing.

6. Freebies

Who doesn’t LOVE freebies? I know I do! A couple of months back, as per Exact Target, 36% of buyers likes a fan page to get a freebie or a specimen.

Here is an individual story, a couple of weeks back; I was scanning for Photoshop activities to help me enhance my photocopying abilities. A Photoshop activity is ‘preset altering’ and one can just snap a catch to have a photograph altered by settings.

I then unearthed Paint the Moon site and soon found that they were doling out free Photoshop activities for the individuals who like their Facebook page. It didn’t take me long to go onto their page to like their page to download the freebie.

Today, I’m an immense fanatic of their item. I’m utilizing the Photoshop activity and am now considering buying their accumulations to take my Photoshop aptitude to the following level. Not just am I a massively grateful potential client, I am additionally an important group of onlookers that is likely to come back to their page to process their updates.

7. Use Promoted Posts

Keep in mind the maxim ‘people with similarities tend to form little niches’? Elevated presents are utilized on target individuals of comparable interest that are joined with you. It can be exceptionally compelling for businesses in the event that they utilize it astutely.

Businesses need to have a finished objective that would help develop your business. Advanced posts can be seen as a ‘vote of certainty’ from yourself to your loved ones – as it were you’re letting them know that you have believed the post and they ought to do likewise to.

8. Utilization advanced posts when:

  • You’re doling out something valuable that fans will like and they will tell their companions.
  • Running social networking challenges. Fans loves challenge and advancing it would help get the virility you have to spread your challenge as well as your image mindfulness.
  • You’re hoping to catch more messages for your mailing rundown.


Those are five basic yet successful routines that can be utilized to help you develop your page and your business with Facebook. A standout amongst the most vital tips is to make sense of how you can be a piece of the conversation on Facebook rather than simply transforming your page into a promotional feed.

9. Facebook Contest

A challenge is another great way to develop fans and develop your business on Facebook. What is the contrast between a freebie and a challenge? Indeed, a freebie can comprise of lower-quality things, for example, one Photoshop activity from a whole gathering – generally to simply give them a feeling of what they would be purchasing. A Facebook challenge could really win them something enormous, maybe the whole gathering or a private consultation with their in-house originators.

The motivation behind why challenges work is on the grounds that they help develop fans on a page, as well as it serves to develop email leads as well. Most Facebook outsider challenge applications like Binkd accompanies an email catch frame that would should be finished before fans can participate.

take your business to the next level

Two years prior, my sweetheart began Leneys, an e-trade ladies’ attire store. To help give a support to her Facebook page, she facilitated a Facebook challenge doling out some of her attire. The challenge did as such well; it attracted more than 2,000 fans. Today, it has more than 22,000 fans and many of them whom participated in the challenge got to be steadfast clients until today.

10. Content

I’m certain you’ve known about the idiom ‘quality written substance is all that matters’. That is just halfway genuine and, as I would see it, substance and group needs to coincide.

In the event that you need to develop your business with Facebook, you must be continually including quality and engagement your page. Great substance would absolutely help you to do that, however great substance is squandered and ineffectual in the event that you don’t have a strong group to show your substance to.

Begin by growing a group before you begin advancing. The motivation to do as such is on account of you need to fabricate trust inside of your group, and your group need to trust that you would telecast valuable substance that will increase the value of them. Individuals will just purchase from you when they have believed your business.

11. Discounts

A markdown is another way to grow a business with Facebook. As per the same study by Exact Target, 40% of clients like a page to get a markdown.

Here are two or three methodologies when doling out rebates:

a.) Like a page to get markdown

The easiest would be requesting that somebody like a page so as to get a concealed markdown code that they can utilize when they pay at your nearby store or pay when they checkout from an online store.

b.) Like an item for rebate

This one is marginally distinctive, unlike prior, it obliges somebody to like an item to get a rebate. To illustrate it better, here is a sample by For Human Peoples, a shirt and notice organization.

As should be obvious, when somebody taps the like catch, they get a code for a 5% rebate. When they do, not just will they get a 5% rebate, little doubt remains on their profile as well.

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What techniques do you use to grow your business? I would love to hear from you. Post your comment in the comment section below.


promote your fiverr gigs

9 Ways You Can Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

Are you are on Fiverr and trying to make money but are having trouble getting people to click on your gig? Is your gig getting zero sales? Getting slightly fed up?

You don’t need to no more. It can be hard getting traffic to your gig and promoting it. But with the right guidance and advice you can promote your Fiverr gigs properly.

You may want to check out 11 Money Making Fiverr Gigs You Can Start Today. This article features some of the easiest and most lucrative Fiverr gigs that you can start straight away without having any experience.

It can be hard to make your gig stand out and get sales to your Fiverr gig among the other thousands of gigs. Sometimes it may even seem impossible.

In this article you will learn about the different methods that you can use to promote your gigs and get tons of customers straight to your Fiverr gigs.

promote your fiverr gigs
Anyone can start making money from Fiverr

Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

Lets set the scenario. You discover Fiverr and realize that you can make quite a bit of money from it. You sign up to it an account and set everything up. You fill in your profile description, add a awesome profile picture as well as a catchy name.

You set up your gig. You type up a kick ass description that tells your potential client all about your gig and what you offer. You add a pretty cool looking image to your gig as well. Everything is looking pretty slick and you just know you’re going to get tons of sales when your gig is active.

Time to click publish and put your gig on the Fiverr marketplace. You have high hopes that your gig is going to be successful.

Fast forward 5 days and nothing happened. Zero sales No one has even looked at your gig never mind clicked onto it. You feel like bashing your laptop screen but realize it is pretty expensive and you just can’t afford a replacement.

Not to worry. Below are just some of the ways you can promote your gig and make a lot more money on Fiverr.

#1: Start a Blog

To get more sales to your Fiverr gigs, start a blog. Starting a blog will bring more exposure to your Fiverr gigs as well as informing your potential clients more. You can link your blog to your Fiverr account as well.

In your blog you can write about:

  • What your gigs feature,
  • What your clients can expect from you,
  • Why they should choose you,
  • Benefits of your gig,
  • Bonuses and Free stuff that you giveaway,
  • And anything else

You can start a blog by using a self hosted WordPress blog. Consider using Tumblr as well. If you would like more information on how to start your own blog, then check out this article.

#2: Fan pages and Social Media

Start fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social media sites which you think your potential clients would be. Start connecting with like-minded people and people that you think would benefit from what you offer.

Social media is an excellent way to get word out about your gig as there are millions and millions of people on social media sites.

Start posting helpful content on the social media sites and stuff related to your gigs. You can also join Facebook groups which help promote your Fiverr gigs for free. All you have to do is post a short description and the link to your gig on the Facebook group.

Think about it. If you don’t let anyone know about your gig, how will people know if your gig actually exists.

If you want to learn more about social media and how to use it correctly then I recommend you check this article out.

promote your fiverr gigs

#3: Make use of Forums

Forums are very helpful when it comes to promoting your gig. They can bring a lot of traffic and sales to your gig. The good thing is that forum posts are also indexed on search engines like Google.

So if someone searches for something related to your gig on Google then it is likely that they will come up with your forum post and go click onto your Fiverr gig.

To find forums related to your gig, go onto Google and search for forums related to your gig. For example, if you have a logo design gig, then search for graphic designs forum. Then start advertising your gig, but not spamming.

Put your Fiverr profile and gigs in your profile on the forum. So this way if anyone clicks on your profile, they might click onto your gigs if they’re interested.

Don’t just advertise your gig in the forum. Contribute to the conversation and add value.

#4: Make A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform to get a new audience. You can introduce a lot more people to your gig. More than a billion people access YouTube every month and you can take a share of these people.

Start a YouTube channel for your Fiverr account. Start recording videos about your gigs. You can even put on slideshows or other forms of videos if you don’t want to get in front of a camera yourself.

Some of the things you can put on your YouTube channel is:

  • What your gig is
  • Who you are
  • Benefits of your gig
  • What is so special about your gig

You can use YouTube to establish a better connection with your potential clients. Remember to also put a video on your Fiverr gig. Putting a video on your gig can increase sales by tenfold. You just need to tell potential clients what they are going to be getting from the gig and it can be less than 30 seconds.

This does build a lot more trust with your potential clients. Check out this article to increase views on your Youtube videos.

#5: Blog Commenting

Search for blogs that are related to your gig or are in your niche. Start commenting on blogs that related to your gig and start offering your Fiverr gig in the blog comments.

For example if you have a service that offers SEO to websites, you might want to search on Google for, ‘SEO blogs’ and it will come up with all the SEO blogs. Then read through a couple of articles from different blogs and offer valuable comments as well as putting links to your Fiverr gigs.

If it is a popular blog you are commenting on, then you will get quite a lot of sales just from the blog comments.

Make sure you do not spam on the blogs that you comment on as people just get put off by spam comments.

promote your fiverr gigs

Guest posting is also helpful when it comes to getting more sales to your gig. Email bloggers and ask them if you can write a guest post for their blog. If they accept write an informative article and insert a link of either your blog or Fiverr page.

 #6: Keywords and Tags

Keywords is very important when it comes to promoting your Fiverr gig and getting sales to it. Keywords and tags are the things that Fiverr uses to rank your gig in the searches.

Optimize your keywords and tags and make sure you include words that people will search for when searching for similar gigs. If you don’t do this, then it will be hard for people to find your gig. Always use the maximum number of tags that you are allowed for each gig.

For example, lets say you offer a logo design gig. Your keywords might be, logo, design, graphics, photoshop, business, etc. If you optimize your gig and use the correct keywords then your gig can become successful.

Also consider using Google Keyword Tool. This tool helps you find keywords that people are searching for and lets you know how popular a keyword is.

#7: Quora and Social Bookmarking sites

This is one of the best way to promote your Fiverr gigs. Quora is a Q&A website where users can ask questions and fellow members answer the questions. There are a lot of users using Quora and it is an excellent source for traffic.

I regularly use Quora to answer questions and provide helpful answers and it does bring me quite a bit of traffic. Another great website that is similar to to Quora is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers also provides a lot of traffic if used properly.

What you should do is search for questions within your niche or questions related to your gigs on either Quora or Yahoo Answers. Answer the questions and add links to your gigs or fiverr profile. It is a great way to promote your Fiverr gigs.

promote your fiverr gigs

Another powerful way to bring promote your Fiverr gigs is to post your gigs on social bookmarking websites. With Social bookmarking sites you can add your Fiverr gigs or any other webpage and bookmark them so other people can access them and see them.

Social bookmarking websites are a good way to get links to your gigs and webpages and and they get indexed by search engines quicker. It is very quick and easy to add webpages and gigs to social bookmarking websites.


Just create an account and start adding your gigs. Some require you to add descriptions. Its as simple as that.

There are many social bookmarking websites but you should use the popular ones to bring you traffic to your gigs. Some of the popular social bookmarking websites are:

#8: Fiverr LinkedIn & Other Groups

Get onto LinkedIn and join the Fiverr group. LinkedIn is a social network website like Facebook but for professionals. The Fiverr group on LinkedIn can help you to bring more traffic to your gigs. They also have helpful tips to bring your gigs to full potential.

Share your Fiverr gigs on online directories as this can also bring exposure to your gigs.  Use Pingomatic to submit your site to different directories and various search engines.

Another good way to promote your Fiverr gigs is to use Facebook groups. Search Facebook for ‘Fiverr groups’ and join them and start promoting in them:

Some Facebook groups you can actively promote in:

promote your fiverr gigs


Slideshare is a website that is owned by LinkedIn. Slideshare is a website where you can upload, view and share your PowerPoint presentations.

Having PowerPoint presentations is a very powerful way to promote your Fiverr gigs. It can bring much more sales and exposure to your gigs.

It is very simple to get traffic to your gigs from Slideshare. Create PowerPoint presentations about your gigs and what they are about. Create slides about what you can offer, who you are, what is so special about your gigs and the benefits of your gigs.


When you do get orders make sure you complete them as quick as you can. This shows to your clients that you are a trustworthy seller and are quick. They will also most likely post great feedback and tell others of their great experience with you.

Make sure you reply to customers and clients as quickly as you can. This not only tells customers you are trustworthy and good person to work with but Fiverr also use this as a way of ranking your gig on their site.

With these methods you should get more exposure and more sales to your gigs.

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What type of methods do you use to promote your Fiverr gigs? Do you agree with any of these methods? Please leave your opinion in the comment section below.