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Focusing on The One Thing: Gary Keller Book Summary

Have you always wanted to be more productive but you always go back to your old ways of sitting on the sofa and watching reruns of shows you’ve already seen like ten times?

Don’t worry we have all been there but instead of being stuck in a rut it is best to do something about it.

the one thing


We have so many opportunities and access to information that it is hard to filter out the good parts from the bad parts. It is a noisy world  but we have to make sense from all the noise.

The ONE Thing

Gary Keller author of the bestselling book The One Thing tells us how it is best to focus on only the one most important thing at a time. Focusing on one thing at one time leads you to be the most productive.

Have you ever tried  to do ten things at once. You are sending an email while on the phone and also eating. But as well as all that you are also writing a blog article and looking for new office equipment on Amazon.

That is a sure fire way to get burnt out and not get anything done. You only have a limited amount of will power and energy everyday and you risk of draining it all by multi tasking.

In the video below we summarize The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and tell you some of the key insights, tips and lessons contained in the book.



One domino on its own is nothing. But if you have a bunch of domino’s stacked up it just needs that one push to knock them all over.

That one push of the domino’s is your ONE thing. Even one small domino can knock over a domino that is 50% larger in size.

All you have to do is get started and those domino’s will start to get knocked over. If the task or project is large break it up into small manageable chunks so it is easier to do.

A question you should be asking yourself everyday is: What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Asking yourself this question everyday will help you to become the most productive and get things done. It will help you become more efficient and finish tasks so much more quicker.

So what is the ONE thing you focus on the most. Let me know in the comments below.

Get the book: http://amzn.to/2eUAisc

one direction

A Lesson In Business From One Direction

One Direction is a British boy band that has achieved massive success. One Direction comprises of five members and they got together after finishing third in The X-Factor in 2010. They have had many achievements including four Brit awards and four MTV Video Music awards among many others.

The group have had numerous amount of number one hits across many different charts and have sold millions and millions of copies of their various albums. As well as this they have performed in many different countries worldwide including America, Canada, Australia and Europe.

one direction business

Image courtesy of deviantart.com

In 2012 they were on the Sunday Times Rich List and had a personal combined wealth of £25 million. In 2014 they were estimated to earn £15 million each which is a combined £70 million.

They have all splashed out on various properties and cars including Range Rover’s and the Porsche Boxster.

If you think One Direction are just a normal music group, then you’re wrong. One Direction have a big business empire that is worth millions of dollars.

In this article you will find out what methods and strategies that One Direction have used to gain massive success and grown their brand as a business.

You will find out how they have become one of the most desired boy bands in the world and how you can replicate for your own business.

Keep in Touch with your Fan base

1D always keep in touch with their fan base. Whether it is through Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

All the members of the band have their own personal Twitter and Insagram accounts where they post updates, communicate with fans and post photos and videos of themselves for fans.

The different thing with them from any other band is that they are constantly communicating with their fan base and they harness the power of social media.

With the launch of their new album they spent a massive 7 hours on Google Plus and Live Hangouts through live stream Youtube. During this time they interacted and communicated with fans.

In this 7 hours they also had special guests and interviews with themselves as well. This is an awesome way of getting personal with your audience. It also builds a relationship with them and builds trust.

When it comes to your business make sure you build a relationship with your users. Make sure you have a bond with your users as they are the driving force for any business.

Keep in touch with different users and constantly communicate with the fan base of your business. Run competitions and give away free stuff on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Post helpful and interesting videos  on Youtube while also posting great photos about your brand or business on Instagram.

Multiples Sources of Income

You may think One Direction are just making money from their music. Well that is certainly not the case.

One Direction have a variety of multiple sources of income that are making money for the band.

one direction business

They have successfully turned One Direction into a worldwide brand. You can actually go out and buy loads of different 1D merchandise like t-shirts, jewelry, duvet covers and much more. They even have their own shops called One Direction World.

1D doesn’t stop there. They also have various book journeying their path to success. They must earn quite a few from book royalties as well then.

In 2013 they made their own film called This is Us which follows their journey through their eyes as from normal teenage boys who find international stardom as a music band through The X-Factor.

They also have their own fragrances which is entitled You&I which has proved to be very popular.

You should have multiple sources of income for your business. Don’t just rely on one way to make money. Like they say don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Have a variety of different businesses as this ensures you are going to earn a much higher income.

Have different sources of income like Affiliate marketing, investing in various businesses, buying and selling stocks, mobile app developing.and books/eBooks.

If you would like more ideas on how you can vary your income click here.


Image is super important when it comes to a boy band. 1D had to make sure they were impeccable in their appearance and appealed to their target market.

Image was very important for One Direction when they were trying to break into America. They appealed

Their image was clean and appealed to middle class families and their parents. There was a gap in the market for them after Justin Bieber and they capitalized from them.

one direction business

Another thing is they constantly keep in touch with their fans over social media and other websites.

They keep in touch with their fans and are always interacting with them. Each of the members of the band have their own personal social media accounts which they communicate with their fans.

They ask them questions like ‘what clothes do you think we should wear for this photo shoot’, this makes fans feel involved and builds a closer relationship with them and their fans.

With your business you should aim to have a professional, clean and simple look that transcends through all your businesses. Make sure you have the same theme throughout all of your brand.

Make your brand consistent as this will make it appear much more professional. Display your logo where you can as this will make your brand more popular and recognizable.

Work on your brand and making your brand known. This will help you create a following and increase your fan base thus making you more money.

Make Your Fans Feel Special

1D always make their fans feel special. Without their fans they would just be a normal band. They know that. That is why it is very important for them to thank their fans and acknowledge them for their support.

One Direction fans get given their own name which is called Directioners. This makes their fans feel like they are part of something and they have an identity. This is what makes them into diehard fans of the boyband.

One Direction are always praising their fans in their concerts, interviews and movies. They are always saying that they have the best fans in the world.

 One Direction answer fans questions live

The band are always sharing exclusive content, songs before they are actually released and other cool things with their fans and followers. They are always rewarding their fans for their support and this actually makes their fans feel special.

When the ‘directioners’ ask 1D a question they are always there to respond or even provide them with videos on what they do in their free time. So when One Direction want more sales for their albums, they just ask the directioners and they are there to help.

One Direction are great at doing this and it does wonders for their marketing and brand.

They also have One Direction Days in which they dedicate time on social media sites for ‘directioners’ to interact with them, giveaway free stuff and other exclusive content.

When it comes to your business make sure you thank and reward your customers and fan base. Provide customer’s and your fans something for their loyalty. This can include giving away free stuff like eBooks and other stuff.

Give your fans and customers value. Write the best content you can and give it away for free. Give other content away for free as well. Provide amazing value for free.

Run competitions where your customers give you a hand in the business and give away a prize for the winner. For example, you can ask your users and fans to design you a new logo for your brand. The winner receives a prize and you receive a new logo. Everyone wins.

Running competitions makes your fans and customers appreciate your company more and build a trusting relationship with your brand.

Then when it comes to it, charge for a product and tell your audience and fan base about it. Most of your fans are more likely to buy it as they trust you more and like you.

One Direction have amassed a massive following in just a short amount of time but this wasn’t a fluke. It was all careful marketing and social media. They made sure they listened to their audience and almost always get them involved.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed this article and took something away from this article. If you know anyone else that would benefit from this article let them know about it. Let us know what you thought of the article by leaving a comment below.

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