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How to Become a Genius?

Entrepreneurs and geniuses come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. There are entrepreneurs and geniuses all over the world.

To celebrate The Success Story being available to download for free on Amazon Kindle we have highlighted three of the generations greatest entrepreneurs and geniuses.

Albert Einstein

So, who is this first example? Germany’s own Albert Einstein. Yes the discoverer of this small insignificant thing called the theory of relativity or better known as E=MC2. And the bomb that wiped out Hiroshima.

He is our first example because he had a mindset that brought him to where he was. Here was some of his qualities and situations.

Good old Albert was:

• Dyslexic: This is a disorder of the brain by which someone will perceive letters backwards. This doesn’t make things easy to read so this brings us to the next bullet point.

• He stunk when it came to science and other subjects but excelled in math. You would think that someone could invent a hydrogen bomb that stunk at science.

• Didn’t even start talking until he was 2 and asked his mother why his sister didn’t have wheels. Hmm… No comment.

• He was married like three times and one of those times being his cousin.

• He was rejected from colleges yet turned down the offer to be president of Israel. This man didn’t even begin to succeed until his later life!



So, what was the one thing that kept him going? Well, we could give the lame answer and say he had a win win and can do attitude, blah blah blah, you get that with every Crackerjack entrepreneurial book. But, that isn’t us. You’re reading this to get into the mindset of an entrepreneur and though he was more of an inventor and discoverer, Uncle Albert had the heart and mind of an entrepreneur. Why? Because as he said in one of his most famous quotes “ A clever person solves a problem, a wise person avoids it”. So what does this mean to the entrepreneurial mindset? Aren’t you supposed to run headlong and tackle problems?

Well, not really. An entrepreneur will find ways to avoid a problem that they can’t fix and think outside the box to find the resources to go around it. Therefor it is no longer an obstacle. The man that invented the H-bomb HAD TO think as an entrepreneur should think when they approach any obstacle. So thank you Uncle Albert for the rule of the entrepreneurial mindset number one:

Think Outside the Box! And be unconcerned with the opinions of Others about who you are and where you are going.

Mark Zuckerberg

So, now we know that thinking outside the box is an important thing, and must be coupled with not being concerned with what others think of you—because you can’t do one without the other. We go on to the other guy. Mark Zuckerberg.

Most people will either love him or hate him—think he cares? With Facebook worth over 200 Billion. So, did it walk right up to him and fall in his lap? NO, did he freak out and sell FB to the first person that offered this kind of money? Nope, the last we checked he is still the owner and living it large while the rest of us are still moaning about our mediocre lives on FB taking selfies and the millionth picture of our dog.


Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook

What was his mindset? Well, apart from sharing a mindset with Albert Einstein in entrepreneurial mindset number one—he had confidence. This boy walked away from Microsoft, and Mtv as well as several other major conglomerates that weren’t offering him chump change for this invention. He walked away from millions and billions. His people must have thought he lost his mind. But, no, he learned young to negotiate with one hand on the door and be confident.

The mindset of en entrepreneur can be fickle. We will tell you that, like Zuckerberg, you should keep your eyes on the prize and once you have a price or a goal you shouldn’t budge, even if the offer sounds great. Then we would tell you that the entrepreneurial mindset embraces change. OK, so thank you Zuck for the entrepreneurial mindset rule number two. Embrace change, only when it meets your needs. Stand your ground confidently.

Donald Trump

This leads into the third entrepreneurial rule of thumb and our last example Donald Trump. This is one of the most famous real estate moguls we have in the world with a net worth of 4 billion dollars as of September of 2014. He has the first two rules pretty down pat and more. He listens to his gut and not to much more. So, you’re thinking, he has years of experience on me, of course he can trust his gut! Not a thing to do with it. Yes experience is always good but entrepreneurs are fresh and new and out there with young blood and boundless energy —that is—if you want to be successful.

So, you need to get out of your own way! You can take advice but do it the way Darling Donald would, only from those you respect! If your gut tells you a startup is going to be a success and you don’t stop your first thought with fear then it will succeed and if it is your first one, make sure you are starting small so you can get out quick. Remember entrepreneurial mindset rule two— embrace change when it meets your needs.

Following your gut is one of the most important rule that Donald has followed consistently through his entrepreneurial career. He has also embraced diversity in his businesses. He is into everything from wealth creation systems to vitamin supplements and much more than his mainstay, real estate.

His other trait is tenacity. And I quote him as stating, “Anyone who thinks my story is even close to over is sadly mistaken. This is a mindset from a man who learned from an old school generation. But he emerged from that a cutting edge entrepreneur when he developed the mindset that he can be involved in more than one venture whether or not they are all a shining success.


And not all of these ventures have been. But, he made them work for him and his bottom line and he also understands that these are learning experiences. You are probably thinking, “He’s still learning”? Oh yes and that my friends is another mindset to really sink your teeth into.

There is never a time that you stop learning as an entrepreneur. You see, try to get this before we move on because it’s one of the most important parts of this book. Entrepreneurship is ever changing. The only thing evergreen about entrepreneurship is change—that’s it. Of you don’t learn what the trends are then you fail—simple as that. This is why we are lending the wisdom of the mindsets of the great entrepreneurs of our time and before. Because they have mastered this understanding. So another warm thank you from Donald Trump for providing the entrepreneurial mindset number three: Go with your gut and take advice, only from those you respect. Allow yourself to be diverse in your business dealings without fear of failure.

Wrapping Up

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Seth Godin Explains The Mindset of An Entrepreneur

If you work a normal, boring 9-5 job then it is likely that you have a completely different mindset. It is hard to shift your mindset to a completely different one after years and years of having the same mindset.

Meet Seth Godin, you may have already heard of him. He is a New York Times Best Selling author of books such as Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and All Marketers are Liars. Seth is also a serial entrepreneur, marketing guru and public speaker.

Seth talks a lot about getting ideas and putting them to action. He also talks about how you can spread your ideas and products quicker by being remarkable.

In the video below Seth talks about how you can develop the mindset of winner. He talks about getting the mindset for an entrepreneur.

The video is slightly old but it still has amazing value to it and you can still learn a lot from it.

Watch the Video Below:

Seth explains to you how it is not good to be mediocre or average. Godin also tells you to be different and to be remarkable. The video explains this pretty well and has some excellent points to take away.

Tips on developing the mindset of an Entrepreneur

  • Don’t be average

Being average is the surefire way to failure. Average people will always live a mediocre life because they are not wanting to take any risks and they are wanting to stay within their comfort zone.

Average people are boring and are easily forgotten. Lets say you go to a party. Would you remember that person who has worked the same dead end job for 20 years and has done nothing interesting or remarkable in his life? You wouldn’t would you? It’s the same as being an entrepreneur, you have to be different and unique.

  • Be remarkable

There are not many people that are remembered after generations and generations have passed. You might think of people like Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. These people are truly remarkable and are unforgettable.

What makes these people so remarkable? They are all unique in their own way and they have done things to be remembered by. Muhammad Ali was the youngest person to become heavy weight champion at the time. He also did a lot for black people and spoke out for injustice. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple and took Apple to a new level with the launch of the iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs turned Apple into one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the world.

mindset of an entrepreneur

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, the largest PC Software company in the world. He was key to making the Personal Computer popular. Thomas Edison was a remarkable inventor and invented a lot of things like the stock ticker, motion picture camera, the telegraph and many other inventions.  Henry Ford was the founder of Ford motor company. He was key to popularizing the motor vehicle.

All these people mentioned are unique and have added immense value in their chosen field. They have all done amazing things. That is what you have to done. Be unique, be remarkable and be memorable. Make sure you do something worthy of other peoples attention.

  • You want it more than anything

You have to want it really badly. As motivational speaker Eric Thomas says “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”. You have to want it really bad. You have to be hungry for success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had become successful because he would do whatever it takes to get to where he is. He would put in the hours required to become successful. Will Smith had an unbelievable work rate and was always hungry for success.

As an entrepreneur you have to want success more than anything. If you don’t then you have the completely wrong mindset and you have to change it straight away.

  • Stay Positive

entrepreneur mindset

Even when times are going hard successful people stay positive. This is one of the main reasons elite entrepreneurs succeed. They do not think negative. Successful people actually think completely different and they don’t think like the average person.

If something goes wrong in the day the successful person would still stay positive and be assured that everything would turn alright. However the person with the wrong mindset start to think all negative, start to doubt his own abilities and think why isn’t everything coming all together.

Famous people and celebrities have a completely different mindset to average or mediocre people. Their are many celebrities out there like Jim Carey, 50 Cent and Donald Trump who think like champions, are really focused and remain positive.

  • Be Unstoppable

Do not let anything get in your way. Do whatever it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Never, ever place limits on yourself. Successful people do whatever it takes to get things done.

When training for Mr Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger did whatever it takes to win the title no matter what it took. Even if it meant training in the gym for hours a day, everyday he would do the work required. He never placed any limitations on himself.


As an entrepreneur you have to have the same mindset of never placing an limits on yourself. You have to do whatever it takes to develop your business and make sure you get to where you want to be.

If you would like more information on developing a mindset of an entrepreneur and go to winning ways than I recommend you check out our new book Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Fulfill your Potential and Think Like an Entrepreneur.

This book tells you how you can develop your mindset and what you have to do. It also includes a step by step action plan which you can follow to successfully change your mindset.

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Do you have any of your own tips for developing the correct mindset? Do you agree with the things said in this article?

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