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Get ready to roll with Ginger Roll

IRF Media, the creators of Blast Off and Balloon Assault are back with Ginger Roll. Ginger Roll is a fun, exciting and simple game in which you take control of the ginger pint-sized hero, Saif. He has been trapped into a Zorb ball by the evil child-genius Iblis. Can you get through the various levels of challenges and stop the evil Iblis from world domination?

Ginger Roll has easy gameplay yet is very challenging. To control Saif in his Zorb ball, all you have to do is tilt your phone. Tilt your phone to move him past the obstacles, moving platforms and bad guys. Watch you don’t fall of the edge!

That’s How We Ginger Roll

There are 4 beautiful worlds to play through and over 55 gorgeous levels to complete. As you progress through the game you will collect cookies. You can use cookies to unlock Saif’s friends. You can also use them to unlock cute costumes to customize Saif and his friends.

“This will be our biggest game yet and we are very excited for the release of Ginger Roll. We think players will love it and spend hours and hours trying to complete it, said Adnan Ramzan, CEO of IRF Media. The development team have been working endlessly trying to perfect the gameplay and to make it both fun and enjoyable.

Ginger Roll has the cutest graphics in a game yet. The game features cool mini games to play through as well. Get awesome power ups to change your ball, like the Ice Ball or Basketball. Each power up has its own special ability!

ginger roll

Dodge and roll past obstacles, moving platforms and Iblis’ minions. Unlock Saif’s friends to play as them during the game as well as extra costumes.

How to Play:

  • Tilt your phone to control the direction of Saif inside his ball. Make sure you don’t fall off the edge of the level or its game over!
  • With awesome power ups turn your zorb ball from a normal one into a basketball or even ice ball! Each power up comes with its own special ability!
  • Collect cookies to unlock new power ups, costumes and characters.

Ginger Roll is the cutest game available on mobile yet! Ginger Roll is rolling onto iOS and Android devices and is expected to be released by mid-November 2015. Get ready to roll!   For more information please visit http://www.irf-media.com

IRF Media

Want to Play Fun and Exciting Games?

Do you want to play fun and exciting games? Have you got a busy schedule and feeling abit burnt out? Well you need a break then.

IRF Media is a game development studio based in the United Kingdom that makes awesome and fun games for iOS and Android devices. IRF Media was founded in 2015 and plan to release many more great games and apps in future.

IRF Media

Currently they have released three games for both iOS and Android. The first being Blast Off which is available to download on the App Store, Play Store and Amazon App Store. Blast Off is an exciting endless space shooter which you have to use your skill and tenacity to get as far as you can.

To get it on iOS devices click here.

Download Blast Off on Android devices here

The second game IRF Media have released is Balloon Assault. Balloon Assault is also available to download on the App Store, Play Store and Amazon App Store. Balloon Assault is a fun game in which you have to pop balloons as quick as you can.

To download Balloon Assault on iOS devices click here.

For Android devices click here.

IRF Media

The third game IRF Media have put out is Bird Flight. Currently Bird Flight is only available on Android devices. Bird Flight is a simple game in which you have to get to bird to fly as high as he can and setting a high score.

To download Bird Flight for your device click here.

At present IRF Media are planning to release a lot more games and apps for iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices. They are going to bring their games to as many platforms as possible.

The company is also planning to go into publishing and animation so watch this space! Check out IRF Media for the latest updates on the company. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for latest news, competitions and giveaways.

free books

Download your Free Books (Worth $15)

You should be looking to learn and self educate yourself so you can get ahead with your business. With books you can learn many things . The greatest people are avid readers and they learn so much from reading.

There is a great quote by Harry S. Truman which he says, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. Harry Truman was the 33rd president of the United States of America from 1945 – 1953.

Today we are giving away 3 books which can change the way you think and change the way you think about business.

To download these books all you need is an Amazon account which is free to sign up and join. Once you have downloaded these books they are yours to keep forever.

The different books you can download are:

Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Free Until May 17

mindset of an entrepreneur

The world is changing quickly. It is very important to keep up with the rapidly changing and developing world. Technology is developing at an even faster pace. It is very important to have the right mindset.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur tells you how you can develop the correct mindset and offers you a blueprint on how you can achieve a positive mindset and change your mindset into a successful entrepreneurs’s mindset.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur is a very actionable and informative book. It includes inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs and innovators who have successfully changed their mindset and shows you how they did it.

It features a step by guide on how you can reprogram your mindset to become a better entrepreneur.

It is highly recommended you download this book.

Download here (US)

Download here (UK)

How to Double your Traffic with Social Media

Free Until May 21

Social Media is one of the most effective ways of spreading your word out. If you use social media properly it can make your content go viral and increase your popularity and website traffic by a landslide.

If you are struggling with social media and just can’t get your head around it then you need help. This guide will cover everything you wanted to know about social media.

It includes practical tips and advice on how you can instantly increase your following and fanbase on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr.

It is very easy to understand and very simple to follow. You will love the practical layout and concise instructions and you will take something valuable away from the book every time you read it!

This is one of the easiest and simplest guides to follow and has a no BS approach to it.

Download here (US)

Download here (UK)

The Blueprint to Success

Free Until May 21

The Blueprint to Success provides an insight on some of the successful people of today. Some of the people featured in this book include Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You will hear of the different stories of adversity and difficulty the various successful people were faced with and how they overcame their problem.

You can also learn the different secrets and principles of their success and what helped them get to where they are today. This book will help help you to get inspire you and help you achieve great things.

The Blueprint to Success is written in a nice friendly and easy to understand style while also trying to inject some humor into it.

You will also learn how to;

– Learn how to build your own online business empire and start growing your business.
-Learn how to create a powerful brand that has a lasting message
– Get Inspired by other successful people’s stories
– Get Advice on how to become successful
– Learn how to achieve and accomplish what you want in life.
– Discover some great keys to success that will help you get more out of life and your business.
– And Much More

This book will seriously change how you think about business and life.

Download here (US)

Download here (UK)

These books will honestly change the way you think about business and will help you make your business better. I highly recommend you download them and start reading them.

If you found any of these books helpful or you enjoyed them then I would appreciate if you could take a minute or two out to leave a review.

mobile game

Blast Off has made its way to Android & iOS devices

Everyone needs a break once in a while. If you just work all the time and don’t have a break then you going to risk burnout and just end up doing yourself more bad than good. Even Superman needs a break every now and then!

You know what they say all work and no play makes you a dull person. And you don’t want to be a dull person. You need a change and you need a break.

We are pleased to announce the launch of IRF Media, a mobile games and app developer and publishing company. IRF Media is a different mobile games company and does not release normal standard mobile games. They are different and plan to do different things then most mobile games and mobile application companies.

IRF Media specialises in making awesome industry changing games and apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. They also publish apps to the Amazon App Store.

They have plans of expanding their mobile game and app portfolio and in future plan to expand to media, publishing and merchandising.

Currently they have launched their first game, Blast Off. Blast Off is a free to play game which is available on Android and iOS devices. This game is very simple to play with simple tilt controls to control the rocket. The mission of the game of this endless game is to get as far as you can while blasting down and dodging incoming asteroids.

Blast Off is available to download on the Google Play Store. It is also available to play and download on the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store.

If you enjoyed the game and have a spare minute or two could you leave a review as it would be highly appreciated. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


social media hacks

Social Media Hacks That Will Change Your Business [Infographic]

Using Social Media can get very time-consuming. Especially for the modern day entrepreneur. They have so much work to do. They have to juggle their various business projects. Their to-do lists are never ending and they always seem to keep adding on to their to-do list.

If you use this infographic to help you with social media, you will start to free up so much time in your day. You would be surprise to know how much time the average person spends on social media sites. Statistics show that people spend on average 23 hours per week on social media sites which is truly shocking.

Social Media Hacks

Think about it, if you were to free your time up from social media think of what you could do with the extra hours in the week. You could maybe learn a new language…

Or you could start to learn a new skill or learn how to play a musical instrument like a piano…

Or you could finally start getting rid of the beer belly and start working out. The list is endless.


social media hacks

The social media hacks contained in this infographic will help you out and help you become more productive and stop procrastinating.

Have you ever realized how you want to spend 5 minutes on your social media accounts but end up spending 5 hours. Then you start thinking where the time went.

Don’t worry this happens to everyone.

You don’t have to stop using social media sites altogether. You just have to learn how to spend less time on them. Using some cool social media tools will also help you to grow your business while you focus on other, more important things.

There are a couple of different tools that will help you with social media hacks.

Hootsuite.com will help you manage all your business social media accounts from one place. It doesn’t matter if it is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest, HootSuite manages them all. You can share content, update your statues and plenty more all from one place.

It is a very awesome tool that will save you tons of time. Hootsuite does offer a free trial and after the free trial has finished they do charge you for their services. However the price is well worth it.

The next tool that you can use for social media hacks is Google Trends. If you never know what to share on social media sites then Google Trends will help you out. This service from Google tells you what is popular and what people are searching for.

When you find out what is currently popular, you can start to share similar content on social media sites. Since it is to do with what is currently trending, people will start to engage, comment and share your content.

The next tool you can use for social media hacks is BufferApp.com. BufferApp.com helps you to easily share content. You can share content you have just viewed easily with your fans and followers.

This way you don’t have to spend tons of time trying to do everything and instead spend time on things that matter.

Marketing Tools

These act as great marketing tools and you can revolutionize your business using these tools. You can save tons of time using these social media hacks.

The time you save with social media can be well spent on other parts of your business like engaging with your audience, writing a book, creating a product or any other project.

What are some social media hacks that you know? Do you know any other hacks that just helps you to save hours a day? We would love to hear from you, share with us in the comment section.

If this infographic and post helped you please share it with other people you may think it will also help.

Share, Comment and Enjoy!

link building

Simple SEO Tips To Grow Your Website [Infographic]

It is very important to have a good SEO strategy for your website or blog. Without using SEO properly your site could end up failing. Search Engines provide a ton of traffic to your website and if you sort out the perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, you could potentially be getting free, targeted traffic towards your website.

Understanding about SEO and increasing your Page Rank to get more traffic can be confusing at first. I know it was for me, hell even now it is. But the more you learn about SEO the better you will get. If you have access to great resources and articles like these then it will be so much easier for you to implement better changes to your website and grow your website traffic.

seo tips infographic


This infographic shows that social media is fundamental to SEO and increasing your site traffic. Search engines base their decision on ranking sites by how many people share their content on social media websites. They also base their decisions on how many people tweet their messages, like their messages on Facebook or Plus 1 on Google.

Another key factor is having and creating great content that people will love. This is one of the main factors when having getting more traffic towards your website. Make sure that your content is valuable and helpful to people. If you produce crap content or content that is just regurgitated.

It is also very important to build trust and relationships.  People want to read information and share content from someone they trust. Make sure you build trust and relationships with fellow bloggers, webmasters, users and your readers.  A good way to do this is to get other websites linking to you and your website. This way it will build trust to your website and you will build relationships with fellow bloggers.

If you would like more information on SEO and increasing your site traffic, check these articles out:


 I hope you like the infographic. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving them in the comments section below.


Social Media

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media [Infographic]

It is very important to use Social Media for promoting and getting more traffic to your website. If you use Social Media properly for your site, you can potentially get thousands and thousands of new readers, customers and clients.

Check out this very informative but simple to understand infographic that has some exciting statistics and awesome tips on how to use and implement social media for your website and brand properly.

This great infographic from Magic Logix shows different social media sites and how you can use them more efficiently and effectively. The infographic also tells you what you should and shouldn’t do on each site. You should use this social media infographic when creating your social media plan. It is important to use something like this so you can take your business to the next level.


Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

As you can see from the infographic Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus remain top ways to interact with customers and grow your brand while SlideShare is also another great way to gain more exposure to your brand. Slideshare is also very search engine friendly and search engines rank these pages very well.

Check out some of these articles on how to use social media more effectively:

Try using a number of these social media networks to grow your brand and you will start to see amazing results.

Did you find this infographic helpful?How much success have you had with Social Media? Which social media site gives you the most traffic? We would love to hear from you!