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Get Ginger Roll for free on the Google Play Store (limited time only)

Ginger Roll the insanely cute mobile game is now available to download for free from the Google Play Store. Hurry up though as this is for limited time only and can expire at any time.

Ginger Roll is an exciting arcade platform game which you take control of the cute ginger haired Saif. Saif has been trapped in a zorb ball by the evil child genius Iblis. Join Saif and his little friends and help them stop Iblis from taking over the world.

Download from Google Play Store

Ginger Roll is free to download on any compatible Android device. Be quick as this is only for a limited time only and the price will go up to $0.99. Ginger Roll is coming soon for Apple App Store and Amazon App Store

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Download from Google Play Store

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ginger roll

Meet the Cutest Characters Ever in Ginger Roll

IRF Media the game development studio behind mobile games Blast Off and Balloon Assault has released their first look teaser trailer for their new upcoming mobile game Ginger Roll.

The teaser trailer shows what the characters of Ginger Roll are like. The video shows Saif, Matilda, Dave, Terry and Akowla.

Ginger Roll is a upcoming mobile arcade platform game featuring the cute ginger-haired pint sized hero Saif. Saif has been trapped in a zorb ball by the evil child-genius Iblis. Can you help Saif and his friends and stop Iblis from world domination?


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Visit the Ginger Roll website to get more information about the game. If you would like to be one of the first people to be notified about the release of Ginger Roll then sign up to the mailing list.