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4 Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Traffic

From the start-up entrepreneurs to the veterans that have been around for years, no one is going to say no to getting more traffic to their site. Some companies will tell you that you have to spend thousands on advertising. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot.

Check out these 4 marketing strategies that are going to give your website a major boost in traffic.

  1. Spend your attention on site load times

Did you know a 2010 study from Akamai Technologies uncovered that about 57% of shoppers waited only 3 seconds before they decided to call it quits on a site? That means if your site doesn’t give the customer what he or she wants within 3 seconds, that person is going to go elsewhere.

Doesn’t offer much comfort, does it?

It’s about to get worse. With so many updated technologies budding every day, about 65% of people from the age range from 18 to 24 years old said they expect a website to load within 2 seconds.

That leaves virtually no room for any kind of error.

This also means you want to improve your website load times. You have a few different options, such as optimization and going with a content deliver network (CDN). A CDN is going to help customers get your content faster and easier. And as a major plus, it only takes a few minutes to install. You have a few different options when it comes to systems, and most of them are pretty affordable.

If you want to check how fast your website is, check out Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix. With each system, you will get a grade on the way your site is performing and running, which will clue you in on whether you need to step it up a lot or just fix a few loopholes.

  1. Get some meta tags

If you aren’t sure what a meta tag is, you’re already behind. Meta tags are pieces of coding that play a huge role in your marketing. There are two pieces to this – the page title and the meta description. For the title, keep it under 70 characters and make this individual for each page. For example, for your ‘Products & Services’ page, you would want to write [Your Company’s Name] | Products & Services.

As for the meta description, this should be under 160 characters. Why? Because you want to make sure the entire thing shows up in search engines, so customers and potential customers can get a piece of your business and decide to move forward. This should be a general overview of what’s on the web page. The better the meta description is (as in, the more detailed), the higher likelihood of someone clicking on your page.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

How many people do you think use their cell phone during the day? That number is increasing every single day – and you have to keep up with that.

In fact, according to ComScore, 73 million Americans get access to the web through their mobile browser.

marketing strategies

And you want to make sure you’re catering to that audience, especially since it’s a growing number.  Having a mobile-friendly website is going to open up a ton of possibilities, including different advertising chances, better SEO, and an overall superior user experience (giving you a one up from your competitors).

  1. Get rid of all double content

When you head over to a website, and you see the same information on there more than once, what do you think? Some people think it’s the business being too pushy. Other people think it is a sign of being sloppy, as repeated content is taken as a mistake.

And the hits just keep on coming. Google actually punishes you when you have the same info on your website. Here’s how it works – when you have the same information on your site, it’s going to reflect back on the search results. Your site isn’t going to come up as quickly as others, which is going to push you down toward the bottom and cut back on website traffic.

There are a couple of different systems you can use to help you pick out the duplicated content on your website. This includes systems such as Xenu and Google Webmaster Tools. Or, take a few minutes out of your day to read through your website thoroughly. Odds are, you will find a few duplicated pieces you might have added without realizing it.

That is 4 marketing strategies that you can use to increase your traffic. Start implementing these tips into your site and you will get more traffic.

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how to go viral

5 Sure-Fire Ways That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Content is a powerful tool when it comes to online marketing. It involves two basic aspects: creating and sharing the content with an aim of acquiring more customers. The information can be shared inform of photos, videos, articles, e-books, questions or guides amongst others.

It’s advisable to distribute content through effective and low-cost channels. These many include blogging, email or social promotions.

In this article you will find out how to go viral and how easy it is get your content viral. Once your content is viral you will receive tons of hits.

What is a viral content?

Any form of media which spreads faster over the internet is called a viral content. This can either be funny videos, articles or pictures. These media are created by individuals, businesses or organization.

Contents only become viral when they are being shared among several internet users either through blogs or social media. Basically, a viral content has more audience which implies higher levels of traffic to the source of the content.

This impacts positively on the ranking of the content source. It should not be forgotten that the search engine algorithms majorly targets real users of web page (human beings).

viral content


What are the qualities of a viral content?

There are certain distinct features that a particular content has to meet for it to become viral. Some of these features include:

Relevance; the relevance of the content plays a significant role. A content which triggers people to share, talk about, tweet or comment must have some relevance on a particular situation.

This basically goes hand in hand with proper timing. However, the fact an old story can also be recycled to become relevant in a given situation shouldn’t be ruled out too. Keeping with current ideas, conceptions and trends is a sure way to tailor a relevant content.

Controversy; this is all about initiating a new debate about something. It works well though it must be used carefully so as not to insult others. A good debate about a critical subject matter can also make content viral especially if a sensitive issue.


Conversational; most content which have been written in a conversational tone will always go viral. But, the conversational tone should be that which readers can easily relate to enable them to join the conversation easily.

As a matter of fact, how can one share some content which sounds like some sort of an entry in an encyclopedia?

Humorous and entertaining; ability to understand the audience’s feelings plays a significant role in coming up with a viral content. Feelings and emotions will always carry the day and it will dictate the number of times a content will be shared or retweeted on social media.

For sure, there’s nobody who hates humor or entertainment. The more entertaining and humorous a content is, the higher the chances that it’s likely to go viral.

Making a content go viral

The feeling that you’ve created an incredible content alone isn’t a guarantee that the content will go viral. That is, the certainty that a content will always go viral is never 100%.

This doesn’t mean that the whole ideal behind creating a viral content is all based on a mere luck. There’re systematic plans and strategic plans behind its success. Here are some vital ideas:

Practical value; any content which adds some value to the audience has higher chances of going viral. It must be useful besides meeting certain desired objects.

For instance, with an era where every website owners are struggling to rank first in search engines, producing a video or an article on “good SEO skills” has a higher chances of going viral. Basically, it is relevant to the situation at hand; the quest to tune a site and make it rank on the first page of search engines.

Furthermore, if the highlighted points are put into practice and positive results is realized by the end of it all, the entire audience will crave to read that particular content. Thus, the media will definitely go viral.

Trigger; this is one element most bloggers tend to ignore though very vital. Put yourself in your targeted audience’s shoe; does the content remind you of something?

If no, then basically it will also apply to the audience and no one will neither share nor look at the content a second time. A viral content will always instil some force/feeling in you to share the content or read it several times.

how to go viral

It’s a feeling which the author must learn to create naturally throughout the entire content. It’s a difficult art to learn.

Emotion; this yet another important element for anyone who would wish his/her content to be “contagious”.  The content must trigger audiences’ emotions.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a positive feeling or a negative feeling. The bottom line should be that the audience must have some feeling after reading, watching or may be overhearing it from someone else.

Again, another question normally arises: between content which brings about negative feeling or positive feeling, which one should be preferred. Of course, by the end of it all, the extent at which the two contents will be shared will differ. To begin with, nobody likes sad/bad news and hence, those with positive feelings have higher chances of being shared at a faster rate. On the other hand, those which cause negative feelings will also be shared.

But, any content which doesn’t come with any emotion will be considered useless as it won’t attract any attention. May be it will be viewed accidentally. All these revolves around creativity.

How To Go Viral

Publicity; creating incredible content which has the ability to trigger audiences’ emotions alone will not do the content any good. The content must be taken to the public domain.

Establishing proper mechanisms which are reliable an easily accessible is a sure way of reaching a wide spectrum of audience. Tweeting about the content and sharing it on other social media network such as Facebook or LinkedIn will give the content more audience.

Posting the content on a platform which has an option of sharing or liking the content will give it more audience.  This should also go hand in hand with marketing the content.

It’s only through marketing the content that people will actually know that that particular content exist. This may also involve sharing the content in various forums. This can also be effective if the owner of the content is active in those forums.

Timing; in most cases, this will always go hand in hand with the relevance of the content. But, how is timing important? In situations where there’re sort of crisis, content which tend to provide solutions to such difficult situations will always go viral. This will be for the reason that people will be striving to find a solution to the difficult situation they are in.

When you opt to go this direction, the solution must be accurate otherwise, people will lose trust in you and this may a hinder future contents posted by you from going viral.

Ability to make content go viral is an art which one can learn with time. It requires specialization and more importantly, one has to identify a specific field which he or she would wish to venture in.

Blending all these concepts may be very difficult. However, at any given instance, most of them must be considered when content is being generated for better results.


To get your content to go viral it takes a lot of patience and hard work mixed with some luck. But with the right written/recorded content and it gets shared enough then you are creating viral content.

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Steve Jobs Advice on Marketing

Steve Jobs Advice on Marketing and Success

Steve Jobs was a genius. There is no denying that. Someone that built a brand as big as Apple. He’s the one behind revolutionary devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad. He was a very articulate and charismatic speaker and was a visionary in the field of technology. Steve jobs advice on marketing is very informative.

The guy turned Apple from a company that was about to go bankrupt and lose everything to a company that had massive profits and amassed a fortune bigger then the American government. Jobs was a college dropout and at one point had to sleep in a friends dorm room and getting free meals from the Hare Krishna temple.

Steve Jobs was never afraid to push boundaries or break the rules. Sometimes he would even create his own rules.  He would always get his point across and would make excellent decisive decisions for the company.

iPad, iPod, iGreat.

Apple had some amazing commercials and advertisements. There commercials like their products would be very simple and easy to understand. They would not just talk about boring things or technical info. Instead they would focus on the features and the value in provides to the user.

For example in the iPhone commercials, Apple show you what you can do through its wide variety of apps. Check out this video of the iPad Air for inspiration on creating a great commercial:

This is the commercial of the new Apple iPad Air which is a thinner and faster version of the Apple iPad. Notice how in this commercial they don’t talk about the fact that it is thinner or lighter.  In this commercial instead of just boring users with memory size or other hardware. They tell you about what you can do with the iPad air and how it can be of value to the actual customer.

That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

Marketing Genius

The commercial shows different people from different parts of the world using the iPad Air for different things like choreographing a Bollywood dance scene, students using them for school and many other great and awesome things.

There is a lot that you can learn from a man of Steve Jobs’ intelligence. In this video he shows budding entrepreneurs and startup companies how to market your business and create value for the customer. He says that products should be great and speak for themselves. Steve Jobs and Apple have shown this in their products, they actually do speak for themselves. All their products have a sleek, slim and premium design and keep with the theme of other products in their product line. Check the video out for some great advice on marketing by Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs explains about how their products, distribution and manufacturing strategy is completely different. He says the most important thing for any company, marketer or entrepreneur is to provide value to their customer/user. If you don’t provide value then your customers will not come back to you.

Value means you have to make your product useful for your customer. Don’t just make it like a piece of junk. Make sure your customers want the product that you and your company are producing. No-one wants some garbage that they are not going to do anything with. Provide value for your customers and your customers will start to come.

iWrapping up

Jobs was a great man indeed who did provide value and changed the world and the way we do things. He and his team created revolutionary and innovative devices and this is exactly what you should aim to do.

I’m not saying that you should always be innovative, because sometimes it can be kinda hard. But aim for providing value and making your products useful to your customers.

I hope this video and article helped you out and provided you with some helpful advice. If you need any more help please do get in touch.

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Why you NEED a Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy process

A Marketing Strategy is very important for any business and it is imperative for any business to succeed. First of all you might want to know what a Marketing Strategy is and why you actually NEED one. Basically a Marketing Strategy defines the way you are going and to if your business/website is going in the right direction or not. It helps defines objectives and goals to keep your business on track. Many people think they do not need a Marketing Strategy but there are many reasons to why you need a Marketing Strategy. In this article we will look at the different types of strategies you can use and why you need a strategy.

Having a good Marketing Strategy in place helps your business go in the right direction. It also helps you focus on the correct thing. It helps you find out who your target audience are and therefore serve your customers/clients better. To succeed it helps to know who your target audience are. Knowing your audience helps you market better towards them.

To develop a great Marketing Strategy for your business it is necessary to answer these questions. These questions help you define your business. You should answer questions like:

  1. Who is your target audience and How do you Market to them?
  2. Do you post good content and What kind of Content do you post?
  3. What Resources does your business use and What kind of resources do you have access to?
  4. Set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators – A KPI helps you understand if your business is actually reaching your business objectives and monitors your performance)
Answering these questions will help you understand your business better and therefore market your products better and make higher profit.
Do not follow the normal rules, Break the Rules


Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation helps choose a broad target market audience for your business and helps you segment or narrow down it down into different groups who have mutual needs, so it is easier to market to the groups of customers. Market Segmentation is the process of splitting a larger target market into a smaller more focused target market.

There are many smaller target audience segments you can split them up to. For example you can split them up by Demographics, Geographic, Behavioural, etc. So for example you could market to all the people in a certain country like New Zealand. Or you could market to people of a certain age range like 18-25 year olds.

When choosing a Market Segmentation for your business there are some things you need to consider. You would need to consider some things like your target market being large enough to make profit from. It must be able to be consistent and something that your chosen market segmentation must be interested in and be responding well to.

Marketing Warfare Strategies 

Marketing Warfare strategies are different types of strategies that are used in business and marketing that are very similar to strategies that are used in warfare. There are many strategies you can use to overcome your competitors.

  • Offensive marketing warfare strategies – are used to secure competitive advantages; market leaders, runner-ups or struggling competitors are usually attacked
  • Defensive marketing warfare strategies – are used to defend competitive advantages; lessen risk of being attacked, decrease effects of attacks, strengthen position
  • Flanking marketing warfare strategies – Operate in areas of little importance to the competitor.
  • Guerrilla marketing warfare strategies – Attack, retreat, hide, then do it again, and again, until the competitor moves on to other markets.
  • Deterrence Strategies – Deterrence is a battle won in the minds of the enemy. You convince the competitor that it would be prudent to keep out of your markets.
  • Pre-emptive strike – Attack before you are attacked.
  • Frontal Attack – A direct head-on confrontation. (IBM vs Apple in the PC Market)
  • Flanking Attack – Attack the competitor’s flank. (Japanese cars in the US)
  • Sequential Strategies – A strategy that consists of a series of sub-strategies that must all be successfully carried out in the right order.
  • Alliance Strategies – The use of alliances and partnerships to build strength and stabilize situations.
  • Position Defense – The erection of fortifications.
  • Encirclement Attack – Cut of the competitor from critical resources and support, access to supply and market (Japanese Pick-up trucks, luxury and Sports Cars in the US)

  • Hold Strategies

    Market leaders seek to hold market share and hold position from competitors. This is when the market leader uses any tactic to maintain their leadership of the market and make sure they are not overtook.

    Position Defence Challenger – Plug the gaps and fill the holes. Make sure new competitors cannot have a barrier to entry. (Tesco acquisition of One Stop and Nite and Day Corner Shops in 2002)

    Flank Defence – Defend the flanks against attack by extending the defence to cover any weakness. Make sure your company does not have any weaknesses.

    Do you have any of your own strategies that you use? What do you do to improve your business? Share it with us in the comment section! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the article!

    How to Develop Confidence – 5 Steps to Develop Confidence

    The key to becoming a successful ad great marketer is confidence. Confidence is one of the most important things you can develop and it is vital if you would like to become successful on the internet and in business. In fact you need confidence to do anything in life.

    Being able to develop and maintain strong confidence is an important part of finding success in life. Of course, not everyone knows how to develop this confidence and self esteem, much less keep it through all of the difficulties faced on a daily basis. Many people find it hard to do either, and that greatly affects the rest of their lives. Rather than keep that low self esteem and avoid life completely, you can begin to build yourself up and improve your self-confidence. There are 5 quick ways to improve confidence and keep it strong through everything you do. When these steps handled properly and approached with the right attitude, this can help you to have unstoppable confidence and do what you need to do without anything standing in your way.

    1.            Look at the good

    Everyone has good and bad, and you need to put all of your focus on the good if you want to have unstoppable confidence. Looking at what you have done in life, all that you have known and found success with, will allow you to see just how much you have done in life. Even if you feel that list is short, just remember that you have done something and that you are far greater than that low self esteem would have you believe. This is one of the more important steps because it allows you to appreciate yourself a little more, giving you the boost you need to improve your self-confidence.

    2.            Know what you can do and then do better

    No matter who you are, you have your limits. No one person can do everything in the world in the best way possible and find success, regardless of what they say. Look at your current limitations and respect them, understand them. If you fail when going further, remember that this is normal. Most people find it difficult to push themselves, but that does not mean you should not try. When looking into how to develop greater confidence, the biggest is to find greater success. Go further and raise your limitations, make yourself better through hard work and determination.

    3.            Show your confidence

    This is a simple and quick way to improve your self-confidence. In all the steps for the 5 quick ways to improve confidence, this is the one everyone can do. Smile, improve your posture, and make yourself appear more confident. When you shine on the outside, you might start letting that sink to the inside. It is also a great way to attract more people to you, as well as attract more success.

    4.            Do not let failures bring you down

    This one might not be so quick for some people. If you feel that your lack of confidence is due to failures, try to remember that everyone experiences these in life. Look through where things have gone wrong and turn them into a learning experience. Of all the how to steps, this is the one you cannot forget.

    5.            Make goals and picture yourself being victorious

    The last of the 5 quick ways to improve confidence, this gives you the chance to begin bettering yourself. When you want to have unstoppable confidence, you have to start having goals and meeting them, making more successes and bringing about more happiness in life.

    Do you have any of your own tips you would like to share with us? Then post them in the comment section below. Remember to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and Google Plus. 

    The Kaizen Marketing System Review – Double your Profits in 180 Days!

    The Kaizen Marketing System is a product that is designed to improve your businesses marketing and produce you results guaranteed. Alexi Neocleous is the creator of this system and is a business growth specialist and professional copywriter. First you might like to know what Kaizen actually means.

    Kaizen is a Japanese word which literally translates to ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘change for the best’. Kaizen has been applied to many different industries including; manufacturing, banking, healthcare, engineering, business and many more different industries. Car Manufacturing giant Toyota made Kaizen rise to prominence with them applying Kaizen in their manufacturing process.

    This program promises to double your businesses’ profits in 180 days or less guaranteed. This program tells you how to market your business and raise the awarness of your business. This is a must buy for any marketer or even anyone looking to improve the results of their business. The Kaizen Marketing System not only tells you how to market your business effectively. It also tells you how to become a great copywriter, telemarketer, entrepreneur and much more.

    When marketing their business most people do not know where to start. This is where Alexi Neocleous comes in. Alexi tells you all about marketing your business. In this program he will also tell you;

    • How to get free publicity through TV, Newspaper and Radio 
    • Why an ancient old Japanese tradition is the secret behind my amazing new formula!
    • How to get tons of referrals and keep generating even more
    • How to bring hundreds, if not thousands of fresh leads to buy your product
    • How to steal customers from your competitors using a secret technique
    This is just a preview of what you will learn in the program.

    Alexi also offers a 60 day money back guarantee. All you need to do is follow the formula and you will become successful. For those of you that are doubting this program, this is not a scam and is 100% genuine.

    The product is very user friendly and is jargon free. Lets put it like this, even your Grandma could understand this system. It is fully complete with instructions, illustrations, pictures and diagrams teaching you how everything is done.

    You also get 5 free bonuses with The Kaizen Marketing system and even if you don’t like the system, you get to keep the bonuses with no further charge to you. This is a very excellent guide in which you will learn an abundance of information from. We highly recommend this guide as it is written in a simple style while also being very informative. If you are interested in buying this system please click below to buy it.

    Click Here!

    The Emergence of Social Media – Why you NEED to use Social Media in your Business

    Social media and the internet go hand in hand, and while most business owners have their hands tied with their day to day operations, it is crucial to keep up with the latest tools and strategies that can enhance your business presence. According to a recent survey by the Wall Street Journal, six out of ten business owners claim that social media tools have proved to be invaluable to their company’s growth. With this surge in appeal and significance in social media, getting and managing the right tools for your business may seem daunting, and if you’re struggling to figure out what works and what doesn’t, listed below are few avenues to explore.
    Batman doesn’t really like social media

    While there are many concerns regarding social media tools for business owners, the most significant ones are building and maintaining online presence, time management, brand monitoring and attracting new customers. As more and more businesses flock towards Twitter, keeping track of tweets can be frustrating, and tweetchat allows you to do just that. This tool gives you your very own tweet space for any chat you’re following, and also helps you hide and or feature specific tweeters.

    One of the most important reasons to host a website is to be found by people that are searching for products and services related to your business. This is why it is important to optimize social media content, and the Keyword Tool by Google makes this extremely easy. This platform identifies global monthly searches, level of competition, local monthly searches and approximate cost per click. These characteristics help you optimize your blog content, website text, Twitter tweets and Facebook posts, which helps people discover you business through social sharing.

    Facebook fan pages are one of the most significant social media tools, and with 800 million + users, there is no better audience. There are many reasons to create a Facebook fan page for your business such as social plugins for your website, unlimited fan base, advertising options, opportunities to portray your brand through many custom applications and tabs, demographic inclined advertising options and the chance to interact in the website through your brand name. 
    Anywhere else and you would look crazy

    Facebook’s timeline offers additional marketing space, a profile cover image and a page admin with a personal profile. Some proven stats to take off when using Facebook as a social media tool are visitor to fan conversion are doubled with customized welcome tabs and 48% of video referrals are from the website. A highly versatile and indispensible tool, YouTube is an all in one solution for all your social media needs. New to their website is their advanced analytics tool, which gives you insight into potential consumers based on your audience interests.

    Stats about YouTube include 2 billion videos watched daily, 70% of all traffic on the mobile web is streamed though the website, and the website attracts approximately 85 million viewers daily. All told, the various social media sites account for a large number of revenue from business owners, and the reasons for this is quite evident. 

    Thanks for reading this article. We hope you have enjoyed it and if you did please consider leaving a comment below. Do you have strategies that you want to share? What social media websites do you use? Please share below. 

    On a different note, here is a completely off topic video of cats doing funny stuff! Enjoy!

    dominos pizza

    Case Study: Domino’s PIzza Marketing Strategy

    Domino’s Pizza a global pizza company which specialise in delivery, its headquarters are situated in the USA. Founded in 1960, Domino’s is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States and has over 9,000 corporate and franchised stores in 60 countries and all 50 U.S. states.
    Domino’s Pizza was sold to Bain Capital in 1998 and went public in 2004. In this article we will discuss the different strategies that Domino’s Pizza use and implement into their business. We will also talk about the various competitors of Domino’s and how much of the market share they own. In this article you will learn all about Domino’s pizza Marketing Strategy and how you can implement it into your own business.
    We will look at the market trends of Domino’s and the STP process (it stands for Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning). This is a very important concept used in marketing and shows how a company chooses to compete in a market. The main aim of the STP process is to guide the company to the implementation of an appropriate marketing mix.
    Finally we will look at the SWOT Analysis of Domino’s Pizza and we will look at the different ways Domino’s could improve upon their marketing strategy.

    Domino’s Pizza Marketing Strategy

    Domino’s Pizza is in a very competitive market and there is a lot of competition for Domino’s Pizza including Pizza Hut and Pizza Express. They also have a lot of local competitors as well. At the end of the year 2007 they made$1.4 Billion in revenue and over $190M in operating income. Domino’s Pizza have many different competitors, including;
    dominos pizza marketing strategy

    Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut Is a restaurant chain and international franchise based in Addison, Texas, USA (a northern suburb of Dallas) specializing in American-style pizza along with side dishes including (depending on location): buffalo wings.
    Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., whose restaurants total approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery-carry out units, and kiosks in 100 countries.  Pizza Hut currently own 15% of the market share.
    Pizza Express
    Another competitor for Domino’s Pizza is Pizza Express. However Pizza Express is not similar to Domino’s Pizza as Pizza Express is a chain of restaurants and Domino’s Pizza is a delivery company.
    In 1965, Peter Boizot opened a business called Pizza Express, when he opened the first restaurant in Wardour Street, London. The chain expanded, initially as a franchise operation. In 1993 Pizza Express went public and turned into a PLC, this was a smart move for the company as this means they can improve their financial position and have better publicity.
    They have a lot of loyal customers and this helps them build and make their brand even stronger. Having loyal customers means that their customers would only go to them and not their competitors. They also have a strong management team and a strong brand image.

    Other Non Direct Competitors

    Domino’s Pizza has a lot of competitors as the fast food business is very competitive. Domino’s Pizza main two direct competitors are Pizza Express and Pizza Hut but they have a lot of indirect competitors that do not sell pizzas but do sell fast food.
    1. o   McDonalds
    McDonalds are not direct competitors but because they sell fast food they are competitors in one way. McDonalds are the market leaders of their market and because of this Domino’s would have to be vary of them.
    1. o   KFC
    KFC is a fast food restaurant that specialises in selling Chicken. In particular it specialises selling Southern Fried Chicken.
    1. o   Subway
    Subway is one of the fastest growing franchise restaurants. Subway mainly sells submarine sandwiches and salads but now has also moved into selling wraps and snacks.
    1. o   Burger King
    Burger King is also a competitor of Domino’s Pizza although it does not directly compete against Domino’s Pizza. Burger king specialises in selling burgers.
    Delicious pizza

    Market Trends

    In the UK, the number of fast-food and home-delivery restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC and Domino’s Pizza has been increasing rapidly over the past 5 years. As of April 2008, Domino’s held an impressive 19% market share in domestic pizza deliveries. Subway, in particular, has seen an explosion in its number of high-street outlets.
    This has resulted in a large amount of competition in the market, but has also been a key factor in the increased value sales — more branches means that more consumers have better access to fast food. The fact that the menus at such establishments are generally cheap has also proved popular with the public because of the recession.
    There has been a lot of negative publicity about the industry of late; its response has been, in some cases, to start offering healthier alternatives on its menus, such as salads, or to actively work to reduce levels of sugar, salt and fat in the food that is served.
    The sandwich sector has particularly benefited from the Government’s campaign, as it is often regarded as a healthier option than other types of fast food, such as burgers.
    The value of the fast-food sector has increased by 16.4% over the past 5 years, rising from £8.33bn in 2006 to £9.7bn in 2010. Further increases are predicted for the future, with Key Note projecting that value sales of fast food will top the £10bn mark for the first time in 2011, reaching £10.08bn. In the long term, Key Note has predicted that the fast-food and home-delivery sector will have grown to £11.86bn by 2015, up by 17.7% from 2011 and up by 42.3% from 2006.
    Food price inflation has generally risen above the rate of general inflation in the past year, meaning that the prices of some foods have increased exponentially. Rising wheat prices, for example, have pushed up the price of bread and bread products quite rapidly; given its position as a staple ingredient
    dominos pizza advertisement
    An advertisement for Domino’s Pizza
    Segmentation is the process of splitting (segmenting) the entire market (everyone) into smaller groups that share similar traits.
    Domino’s Pizza is located in more than 60 countries. The rights to own operate and franchise branches of the chain in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Principality of Monaco are currently owned by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, having been sold off by the parent company between 1993 and 2007.
    The master franchises for the UK and Ireland were purchased by Domino’s Pizza Group, now publicly traded as Domino’s Pizza UK & IRL, in 1993.
    Domino’s Pizza has a large customer base but mainly target the working class and lower- middle class. The socio-economic group they would target would be C1-C2 and below.
    These are people with jobs such as electricians, plumbers, shop floor supervisors and casual labourers.  These groups have less income and they would buy from Domino’s Pizza, whereas people in the group A and B would maybe go to a high end restaurant.
    Domino’s Pizza target bachelors, students and professionals who have no time to prepare food and want food as fast as possible. They targeted both genders, but according to a Mintel report they target males more. Market research had revealed that Domino’s market demographic was culturally diverse.
    The company targets students a lot and often use promotions to get students to purchase from them. Students are a good target market for them because takeaway food requires no effort from the person and they deliver really quickly.
    A quarter of consumers have cut back on takeaways/ home delivery to save money.
    Young men are ordering takeaways/ home deliveries because they felt like staying in and procrastinate. In contrast, women order takeaways/ home deliveries because home deliveries and takeaways make a nice change from what these women would normally eat.
    Domino’s Pizza has over 9,000 outlets in over 60 countries allowing people to buy all over the world and making Domino’s Pizza a global company.
    Domino’s Pizza should target the Muslim community by offering Halal food and Halal pizzas.  This would be a successful venture for the company because they would make a lot more revenue from the sale of halal food as the Muslim community is growing.
    Another target group Domino’s Pizza should target is healthy food aimed at healthy people that want to stay fit and healthy while still eating their favourite foods. They could introduce salads and wraps or an alternative pizza.
    A group they could also target is different nationalities such as polish or Dutch. They could use their food and make special pizzas according to their culture and nationality.
    By targeting the Muslim community Domino’ Pizza would gain a lot of popularity In the UK alone there are 2.869 million Muslims, according to the PEW research center, and targeting this many Muslims would mean that the profit and revenue of their business would rise up.
    There is a growing target in people trying to get fit and people being healthy therefore people want to eat healthy food. Domino’s Pizza is classed as fattening food and so if they introduced healthy food such as low fat pizzas and sides not cooked in oil they would appeal to a lot more people.
    Statistics show people live longer by eating healthy and this should mean Domino’s Pizza should sell healthier food.
    If they made a pizza that targeted different people and cultures this would prove a success. This is because a lot of people miss their own culture and miss their own food and if Domino’s Pizza introduced a new range of food and pizza’s, this would appeal to a lot more foreign people.
    Statistics show that one in nine people living in the UK are foreign, so if they entered this segment it may benefit Domino’s Pizza and would result in them having more profit.

    SWOT Analysis

    This is a SWOT Analysis of Domino’s Pizza and their marketing strategy. In this section we will analyse the different strengths and weaknesses that Domino’s Pizza have as a business and also evaluate their opportunities and threats.
    o   Starting in 1973, an advertising campaign run by Domino’s Pizza claimed to guarantee to have their customers pizzas delivered to them in ’30 minutes or less’, if not the pizza is free. This campaign was doing great and bought a lot of attention towards the company however market momentum was quickly lost when a woman in St. Louis was involved an automobile accident with a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver. News turned into bad publicity and in 1993 the 30-minute guarantee was discontinued. The 30-minute guarantee still runs in stores in India.
    o   Domino’s strength, the ‘S’ in a SWOT analysis, was their ability to produce and deliver a product faster and more efficiently than their competition. Not promoting the 30-minute guarantee created a level playing field allowing the focus to shift toward product and price
    o   Domino’s Pizza is a global corporation and operates in over 60 countries. This makes them known worldwide and they have an excellent reputation throughout the world.
    o   They are the market leader in what they do and have more than 5,000 stores in the US. They are a global franchise so they are continually growing. They have a continually strong brand image and are always improving it.
    o   Their marketing and advertising campaign is very strong and helps them draw in millions of customers. Another thing that makes Domino’s Pizza a market leader is the supply chain and distribution network. It has also enabled to keep pace with the technology by offering menus.
    o   They are also opening branches in Tesco stores across the country. They stuck a partnership with them and this deal will see them tap into a new market and make a higher profit margin.
    o   Domino’s Pizza can open a lot of stores through franchises
    o   They have a lot of capital and are in a strong financial position because of their continuous success.
    o   The sales are starting to slow and declining same-store sales. This is because of the economic situation and people not being able to afford takeaway food as it is not counted as a necessity
    o   The sales are very slow growing and some of the same-store sales are declining. Its ambiance is not up to its competitors.
    o   Menu is not elaborated and modified as compared to other chains.
    o   Another big point for them is that more and more people are going towards healthy food and as Domino’s Pizza is seen as an unhealthy option Domino’s Pizza would either have to introduce a different more healthy range and they would have to change their brand image.
    o   Britain’s biggest pizza delivery firm also said that it expected two-thirds of its sales to come from online in five years’ time. Online sales currently account for £128m of total sales of £485m, roughly a quarter.
    o   There is a growing presence in emerging markets, particularly in India and China and Domino’s Pizza should target these markets as they are continually growing and would be beneficial for the company as a whole.
    o   Leverage supply chain & distribution system to introduce new products
    o   Domino’s Pizza was planning to launch an Android and iPad app to accompany its iPhone app, which generated £1m of sales in its first three months of operation.
    o   Domino’s also had a three-year deal to sponsor the ITV programme Britans Got Talent, which launched the career of Susan Boyle. This proved a success for Domino’s Pizza as they gained more popularity.
    o   Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices and their continuous lifestyle change could mean less popularity for Domino’s Pizza.
    o   Intensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitors
    o   There is a big threat towards changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices. As more people are trying to go towards a healthier lifestyle, to change they would have to change their brand image and start to introduce healthier products in their product line.
    o   Another threat is that franchise operations are being affected by currency exchange fluctuations. This is a major problem for them as it means they would not be able to open any more stores.
    o   There is also intensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitors. This includes local competitors as they can afford to sell their products cheaper.

    Wrap Up

    Domino’s Pizza is a very large organisation and if you implement some of the techniques and strategies they use within their business, your business could grow a lot.
    There is alot to learn from other successful businesses and Domino’s Pizza is one of the most successful takeaway restaurants. Please take the time to understand and learn the principles and implement them into your own business.
    We hope you have enjoyed this article and would like to thank you for reading this very long post. We would appreciate it if you would consider leaving a comment or leaving your opinion.
    Remember, Sharing is Caring!

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    What is the basic requirement to make money via Affiliate marketing?

    It seems as if we are talking about a miracle. How we can make money by selling a manufactured goods or service that does not belong to us? Neither we are producers of that product or service, nor are we the actual buyer, then how it can work for us. What are some basic roles to make money by making use of affiliate marketing? Yes there are some rules that can make our effort more effective and successful. For affiliate marketing all you need is your own blog/website and join affiliate networks like Clickbank, Share-a-sale and Commission Junction, once you have these your own your way to making your millions!  Let’s discuss those requisite of this business;

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    Be regular:

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    Use Some Bold Images

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    Never Drag You Promotional Message

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    Research can make or ruin your effort

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