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7 Tools That I Use To Grow My Business

People often ask me what kind of tools I use to build and grow my business and how they can take their business to the next level.

Having the right tools can help you to grow your company while also saving you so much time. When I find a new time-saving tool I always think about how much time I could have saved if I had found this tool earlier.

You don’t have to think that because I will be saving you all the time by listing the best time saving tools that will help you grow your business and take your business to the next level.

Most of the tools I have listed in this article are free while some may have free trial. These are some of the tools I use to grow my business.

Tools I Use To Grow My Business


This is an exceptional and revolutionary tool that helps you make your images interactive. You can add text, links, video or audio overlays to any of your photos or images and it is completely interactive.
Users simply hover over the icon on the image to watch a video, listen to audio or go to a link. There is a free plan on Thinglink but it has the Thinglink branding however if you wanted a pro plan prices start from $10/month, which is pretty cheap for what you’re getting.

tools to grow your business
It’s pretty awesome and some pretty big organisations such as Discovery Communications and CBS Interactive are already using it. Currently we are not using it on The Marketing Guy but in future we may do.


Infographics are an amazing way to tell a story or present some statistics. It is way better than a presentation and readers consume the data much easier.

Sometimes creating your own infographics can be hard but Piktochart makes it easy. With its easy drag and drop interface and colourful graphics and icons, it’s a piece of cake to create infographics. You can also easily adjust the text size and colour in an instant.

People love infographics and they love to share them among their friends and colleagues as well. They are a quick way to share alot of information and make hard to understand information digestible.

I use Piktochart to design beautiful graphs and make information more easier to understand and to break it down for my audience. Infographs can easily go viral and if your infograph does go viral, a good percentage of that traffic will go back to your website. I use this tool to help me grow my business


A very handy and convenient countdown timer. When you time yourself to do a certain task you are more likely to get it done. It just gives you an extra boost and allows you to work more efficiently.tools to grow your business

You can set your own time and the countdown will begin on e.ggtimer. You can also select the preselected timers.

I use eggTimer to help me to stay on task. It is so helpful and with this tool I use a Pomodoro timer which is 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of a break. This is one of my favorite tools to use and aids me in getting work done. In fact I am using this technique while writing up this article!


This is my favourite tool to use for productivity. It helps me keep me on top of my game. I can just write up notes on Evernote and save them straight onto here. I can also use it for a number of other things such as collecting stuff and things from the internet and saving them on Evernote. I can easily organise my notes and all the stuff that is important to me.

tools to grow your business

Evernote for Android devices, it allows you organise your thoughts and create notes which include audio, pictures, links and text. Evernote also has a number of cool other features. It works on PC, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones.

It is compatible with all major platforms such as Windows 8, Android and iOS. It syncs effortlessly on all devices. It is free to download and use and is only £4 a month for the premium version.

Evernote is like my best friend when it comes to organising myself. I write any idea I get on Evernote. If I get a business idea,  mobile app/game or anything else, I just write it down in this app. I also use Evernote to put in write down my morning ritual so that I don’t forget what to do every morning.

I also use the app to improve my productivity by using in for checklists. I write down whatever I have to do during the day and just tick off whatever I have done. So for example, I might have send email to developer and write an article on my list and just tick it off whenever I have done the certain task.


Canva is a lifesaver. It is a graphic design tool which allows you to quickly design banners, Facebook/Twitter cover images, artwork, presentation slides and anything else. This tool is so easy and simple to use even my 2 year old nephew could use it.

tools to grow your business

You can choose from loads of pre-made templates that are free to use. If you want to use a premium template its only $1 which is pretty cheap if you ask me. Canva lets you use any font, colour and style you want.

I use this tool to make featured images, cover photos, social media posts and banners. It is a great tool and allows you to make professional and beautiful images for free. I use Canva to help me grow my business.

Canva also has an iPad app that has full access to its design tools and library of images. It is very simple to use and you can create a beautiful image in minutes. It is also available to download for the Chrome Store.

This is a great tool and helps me to grow my business.


This is another stunning free online graphic design tool allows you to make professional modifications to your images without the expensive costs. You can easily touch up your images including teeth whitening, red eye reduction, weight loss and much more. The best thing is you do not have to be a professional to do any of this.

You can also easily make Facebook and Twitter cover images using the already set templates. As well as that PicMonkey allows you to easily make photo collages of your images.
PicMonkey is very easy to do and you can perform things like teeth whitening on pictures with the click of a button

Some features do require you to upgrade to the premium plan which includes additional features and PicMonkey being free of advertisements. However most the features are included in the free plan. The paid plan is $4.99 a month or $33 a year.grow my business

PicMonkey opens up in your web-browser so there is no need to install any software at all. I highly praise PicMonkey for its simplicity and ease of use and making graphics design available to everyone.

Many professional web designers, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Rank Cracker

Rank Cracker is created by SEO expert Matthew Woodward from the eponymous named blog matthewwoodward.co.uk. It is great software that helps your SEO out on your website.

This is downloadable software that is available on your computer and what this software does is find out your competitors keywords, backlinks and what they are ranking high for, so then you can steal (or borrow) their keywords and use them for your own website.

Rank Cracker finds out your competitors backlinks so you can see which sites to target
This is downloadable software that is available on your computer and what this software does is find out your competitors keywords, backlinks and what they are ranking high for, so then you can steal (or borrow) their keywords and use them for your own website.

His blog is  great reference for SEO. I regularly visit his blog to read his articles. Matt’s blog features many awesome tutorials on improving your SEO, you should check it out!

What Tools Do You Use To Grow Your Business?

Those are some of my favorite tools to use and I use these tools to grow my business. I have a book available on Amazon Kindle called Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart. It features loads of tools, app and resources that are completely free and help you to grow your business and take it to the next level.

If you found this article helpful then share it with your friends!

What tools or apps do you use to grow your business and take it to the next level? Do you use any of the tools that I listed? Please comment in the comment section.

morning routine

The Morning Routine of Successful People

The way we care for ourselves mentally and physically has as much to do with being a successful business person as does any of the entrepreneurial routines we do. In this business series we are covering the body, mind and spirit of the entrepreneur. It’s nice to see how our daily health and schedule routines stack up to what surveys and interviews have told the world that our successful entrepreneurs are doing.

The Misconception:

Most of us think that because we are entrepreneurs we are now a machine. We eat, drink, sleep and digest work 24/7. We believe we have to be ‘on’ constantly and burn ourselves out in order to reach success. We don’t. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to feeling guilty about how much work we needed to be doing in order to justify our days off. Making sure we are not killing ourselves in the interim is the key to our success. We won’t have anything to give our business or our clients of we look and feel overtly burned out!

So, what do successful entrepreneurs do? They make sure they create and maintain daily health and well-being routines. Sticking to it has its many rewards. You have to simply prioritize the important aspects of your life to create a balance. Not everything that works for you will work for someone else. You have to come to the determination of what works best for you. Only you know what your priorities are. Don’t make the mistake that so many others make. Don’t try and model your priorities around someone else. You are like a finger print and are vastly different from others. So, treat your schedule and routine this way.

morning routine




If you are a morning person then capitalize on that.  Wake up and be ready for the day! If you do lousy in the middle of the day then take a few hours off—take a nap or read for fun, meditate. Do whatever gets you back on track.

Exercise in the Morning:

As much as so many of us want to not do this—we have found through polls and interviews with the most successful entrepreneurs that exercise of some sort—even just walking is the key to a healthy head that is clear and ready to work. Blood flow and lymph circulation are essential for a clear mind and healthy body. We have to have a healthy mind in order to process the information we will be collecting all day.

Eat Breakfast!:

The fact that everyone says this is the most important mean of the day is no myth. It’s essential. Your body has been resting and healing itself all night. So, now it needs fuel other than coffee and stimulants to get started. If you don’t you’ll experience fatigue crash by the early afternoon and this is a real productivity downer.


Get Up Before the Family:

Most successful female entrepreneurs will actually get up one hour prior to the family in order to get some time to themselves. There is a lot to be said for this. The best rituals are the ones that will put you in the mood you need to be in for the day.  If by chance you start off your day badly or negatively in any way, you will snowball that into your day for sure.

Crazy Routines of the Famous and Successful:

Winston Churchill, one of the former Prime Ministers of England had an unlikely routine. However it is a great example of tailoring what works for your success and it will certainly pull you out of your 9-5 grind.

Churchill would begin his day in bed until 11:00am. He woke at 7:30. He was brought his breakfast, made his secretaries take dictation and read his mail.

He stopped by his office space in the house for about an hour and then, ate lunch from 1:00 to 3:30 pm with colleagues and family. Discussed his day and made small talk over a 3-4 course meal. He believed that quality time made him better at what he did. He worked until roughly 5pm and engaged in a nap for about an hour and a half. Then, he worked until dinner at 8pm. This is with the same family and his guests. He would then work for another hour or so before turning in again.

Set Goals in the Morning:

First, give yourself a list of choices. If you meditate and exercise then make it an either or choice. Give yourself plenty of flexibility so you don’t feel in a forced rut. If you are a night owl—then try to get the bulk of your work done at night. You can even work this around deadlines you have with clients if you work smart. Choose the beginning of the week for prioritizing your schedule for rest of the week. Mondays can be for that. If you are the type of person that likes weekends off—this is a great way to make it feel as if you have another off day to just reorganize your week! This will give you the energy you need for what you need to do the rest of the week. You would be surprised at the psychological impact a Monday has. There has been songs made about it like “Manic Monday” etc… so, you know that if you view Mondays as a hectic day—then it will be. If you are this type of person—make it a better Monday by using it as a lead in to the week and not a fully fledged business day. You may just see that your week is a lot better and you are so much more productive. This way, the weekend can be yours. All yours.

Creative Work May Be Best When Tired:

When you’re tired, sometimes you may fare better doing whatever creative work you have. Make sure you are putting off any strenuous administrative work at that time. Now, your body clock will tell you a lot of things. One, it will tell you when to sleep, eat and work. You may or may not have the luxury to do everything according to your body clock. If you can though, listen to it as much as possible. Even if it’s one to two times a day. You’ll feel so much better and think so much clearer if you aren’t working through hunger or fighting off tired.

Watch Your Alarm Clock:

Believe it or not—the way we wake up has a lot to do with the alarm clock sounds we wake up to. That incredibly harsh generic alarm clock sound can send waves of stress through our body’s. The best alarm clocks are those that mimmick nature like chirping birds or water falls or pleasant classical or meditation music.

Winding Down from Work:

Winding down from work takes a routine that works for you specifically. The best advice out there is to disengage from the work day. This means all electronic equipment being turned off. After a certain hour, no notifications are on and nothing gets checked. Make sure that if you have family that may need to get to you that you have a certain ring tone for them as well as a text tone. This way, if you need to speak to them you can and ignore the rest. It’s important that we are closed off from the world at night. Sleep and total relaxation before bedtime is essential.

Write in a Journal:

Yes write in a non business journal. Do the “Dear Diary” type of personal journaling and make it positive. Write your gratitude for what you have accomplished and not only that—what you have taken for granted that you have in your life right now. It doesn’t matter how silly it looks or sounds. It doesn’t matter how large or small it is. It can be about the weather was great today and I am so grateful. My kid brought home a B on their report card and I am so grateful today. I have healthy senses to hear and see all the beauty around me on my walk today—I am so grateful for that! After you’ve done this for so long—maybe a matter of weeks—you’ll see a change—a big change.

Being an entrepreneur or a successful business person is more about how you take care of yourself than it is about any business strategy. It’s a general lifestyle because each thing will affect something else. You are made successful by being clear minded and focused on what you need to accomplish. You can’t be an innovator if you are battling sleep deprivation or malnutrition. If we have ill health of the body, mind or spirit we cannot be fruitful. It’s interesting and comforting to know that from the least to the best entrepreneurs the advice is not that different at all.

successful entrepreneur

6 Actionable Tasks You Can Do Today to Become a Better Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you probably measure your level of success on a day to day basis. And you want that to grow every day as often as it can.

But the question is: Are you enabling that growth? Are you more successful today than yesterday? What about tomorrow? A week from now? A year from now?

You want your success to keep growing, so you and your business are never just moving along in cruise control. And no matter what type of situation you come across, your time and attention is still spend on improving and growing.

After all, this type of motivation and self-propel mindset are two qualities that almost every entrepreneur has.

Instead of trying to completely overthrow your current routine, there are a few simple steps you can take to help yourself become more successful.

Do you want to become a better entrepreneur? From boosting your productivity to connecting with customers, here are 6 ways you can make sure your success continues to grow.

Rise and shine:

A lot of seriously successful business owners will tell you they’re up before the sun rises. Sometimes before 6 AM, sometimes before 7 AM. And there’s a reason why they all have this in common.

successful entrepreneur

Waking up and getting in the office before anyone helps you stay motivated and focused on the tasks at hand. You can get projects and tasks out of the way before you’re thrown into the sea of daily emails, phone calls and other distractions.

Plus, there is a ton of research and studies that show people who wake up early tend to be happier and healthier. So it’s not just good for your mind – it’s good for your physical health, too!

You don’t have to make this switch overnight. Instead of a dramatic overhaul of your sleep schedule, try this: Set your alarm one minute earlier every day. So if tomorrow is your first day waking up earlier, and you usually wake up at 8 AM, wake up at 7:59 AM. The second day, wake up at 7:58. Keep going until you’ve reached the time you’re working toward.

To make this transition easier, go to bed 1-5 minutes earlier every night. You’ll get the same amount of sleep and be rising with the sun before you know it!

Get moving:

We all like to maintain a healthy lifestyle – or at least as healthy as we can with our busy schedules. But it can be easy to forget that you’re a human, not just an entrepreneur/robot. You need to focus on your well being too. And if you want to absorb more information during the day, you’ll keep reading about why this is important for you and your business.

A few studies have shown that people who get exercise every day are able to weed out irrelevant information that comes their way. This isn’t all – the participants were also able to concentrate better on what was in front of them. Needless to say, this can do wonders for the entrepreneur, since you tend to get every little thing thrown your way during the day. After all, it would be pretty helpful to be able to quickly race through tasks and see what needs your attention now and what can wait until later.

Take a look at your schedule and see when you can squeeze in a jog. If you have a big meeting coming up or lunch with a big client, try to go for a jog. You’ll show up on your A-game and be ready to think. Or give your morning a boost (and yourself an easier wake up!) by taking a job before work. You’ll be impressed with the surprising results it has on your day.

Be thankful:

Here’s a concept that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t take advantage of: gratefulness and thankfulness. Your customers are part of the reason why your business is succeeding. And, like you probably tell your staff members, every customer counts, including previous customers.

Reach out to customers you haven’t done business with in a while. Whether you want to send a thank-you note for their business in the past or a gift to let them know you’re thinking of them, either way, you’re doing something great – You’re opening up the lines of communication and getting the customer thinking.

You’re giving their memory a jolt by sending them a token of your appreciation. It’s like saying Hey! Don’t forget all the great things we were able to accomplish for you. Come back when you’re ready to get some business taken care of.

And now, when that customer needs business again, he or she will remember your act of kindness and bring more business your way. It could even help make a short-term professional relationship into a long-term one. And long-term customers are some of the best to have.

Plus, a personalized thank you note from you and your business means so much more than an email. It shows you were really thinking about the person and wanted to bring a certain level of tailored thanks to it.

Get organized:

Organization is the key to many things – and one of those things is ongoing success. An organized workspace and office equals an organized mind. And an organized mind ensures your overall success.

become a better entrepreneur

When your workspace is cluttered and full to the brim with papers and files and who knows what else, it sends a message to your brain. That message says one word: CHAOS. Even if you don’t feel like you’re under stress and pressure, your brain is registering the mess around you under that category. So inadvertently, you’re stressing yourself out. And when you’re stressed, everything gets a little messy, from your decisions to your productivity.

So what do you do if your workspace is currently a sloppy mess? You might not have the flexibility to take the time to organize it all in one sitting. Instead, spend the first or the last 20 minutes of your day organizing. And as you go on throughout the day, don’t contribute to the mess!

Find your thing:

Imagine that being an entrepreneurship is much like playing dominos. As you place a domino down, each one gets bigger and bigger. Instead of sitting down and looking at all of the dominos, focus on the one directly in front of you. Dedicate all of your focus to that one specific domino. Once you’ve climbed over it, move to the next.

You might be asking yourself what dominos have to do with being successful. Well, let’s take a look at your to-do list for the day. Do you have a million little tasks on it? Do you feel like absolutely everything on your list needs to get done?

Every little tiny task is not going to propel you forward. In fact, you can easily get caught up in the tiny little things of life and hold yourself back. Instead of wasting time on all of these little tasks, focus on the one thing that’s going to keep you moving forward. Odds are, this is bigger than everything on your to-do list.

Get engaged:

No, we aren’t talking about ringing some wedding bells. We’re taking about getting involved in the wonderful world of the Internet.

Reading a book can do awesome things for your creative juices. It can spark some new ideas or give you an entirely new perspective on something. But that’s about all it can do – if you have any questions, odds are you can’t really get them answered.

… Until you turn to the Internet. Various communities and forums are available online and these seemingly simple answers can provide you with some great assistance.

When you get involved with the online community, you can get some answers from your peers. So if you’re struggling with something with your business, and are looking for some real-life answers, you’ve got the place to go. It’ll be a relief to get some professional advice some people who know what it’s like to be in your shoes!

Added bonus: You get to do some networking! Who knows the different types of people (and business owners!) you’ll get to meet every day. You never know who you might meet – and who could help mold you into a more successful person.

Of course, this will never happen if you don’t go ahead and start reaching out to the community.

We know, we know – you’re super busy and might not have the time to do this. But just like you’re making time to clean your workspace and get organized, make time to do this as well.

We get that it might not be easy to make these steps every day. But these improvements are necessary in order for you and your business to continue growing and being successful. While it’s difficult to make time for these seemingly small advancements, it’s imperative to do so. Any little small action or step you can take will lead you in the right direction and help you achieve all types of success.


Seth Godin Explains The Mindset of An Entrepreneur

If you work a normal, boring 9-5 job then it is likely that you have a completely different mindset. It is hard to shift your mindset to a completely different one after years and years of having the same mindset.

Meet Seth Godin, you may have already heard of him. He is a New York Times Best Selling author of books such as Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and All Marketers are Liars. Seth is also a serial entrepreneur, marketing guru and public speaker.

Seth talks a lot about getting ideas and putting them to action. He also talks about how you can spread your ideas and products quicker by being remarkable.

In the video below Seth talks about how you can develop the mindset of winner. He talks about getting the mindset for an entrepreneur.

The video is slightly old but it still has amazing value to it and you can still learn a lot from it.

Watch the Video Below:

Seth explains to you how it is not good to be mediocre or average. Godin also tells you to be different and to be remarkable. The video explains this pretty well and has some excellent points to take away.

Tips on developing the mindset of an Entrepreneur

  • Don’t be average

Being average is the surefire way to failure. Average people will always live a mediocre life because they are not wanting to take any risks and they are wanting to stay within their comfort zone.

Average people are boring and are easily forgotten. Lets say you go to a party. Would you remember that person who has worked the same dead end job for 20 years and has done nothing interesting or remarkable in his life? You wouldn’t would you? It’s the same as being an entrepreneur, you have to be different and unique.

  • Be remarkable

There are not many people that are remembered after generations and generations have passed. You might think of people like Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. These people are truly remarkable and are unforgettable.

What makes these people so remarkable? They are all unique in their own way and they have done things to be remembered by. Muhammad Ali was the youngest person to become heavy weight champion at the time. He also did a lot for black people and spoke out for injustice. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple and took Apple to a new level with the launch of the iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs turned Apple into one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the world.

mindset of an entrepreneur

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, the largest PC Software company in the world. He was key to making the Personal Computer popular. Thomas Edison was a remarkable inventor and invented a lot of things like the stock ticker, motion picture camera, the telegraph and many other inventions.  Henry Ford was the founder of Ford motor company. He was key to popularizing the motor vehicle.

All these people mentioned are unique and have added immense value in their chosen field. They have all done amazing things. That is what you have to done. Be unique, be remarkable and be memorable. Make sure you do something worthy of other peoples attention.

  • You want it more than anything

You have to want it really badly. As motivational speaker Eric Thomas says “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”. You have to want it really bad. You have to be hungry for success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had become successful because he would do whatever it takes to get to where he is. He would put in the hours required to become successful. Will Smith had an unbelievable work rate and was always hungry for success.

As an entrepreneur you have to want success more than anything. If you don’t then you have the completely wrong mindset and you have to change it straight away.

  • Stay Positive

entrepreneur mindset

Even when times are going hard successful people stay positive. This is one of the main reasons elite entrepreneurs succeed. They do not think negative. Successful people actually think completely different and they don’t think like the average person.

If something goes wrong in the day the successful person would still stay positive and be assured that everything would turn alright. However the person with the wrong mindset start to think all negative, start to doubt his own abilities and think why isn’t everything coming all together.

Famous people and celebrities have a completely different mindset to average or mediocre people. Their are many celebrities out there like Jim Carey, 50 Cent and Donald Trump who think like champions, are really focused and remain positive.

  • Be Unstoppable

Do not let anything get in your way. Do whatever it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Never, ever place limits on yourself. Successful people do whatever it takes to get things done.

When training for Mr Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger did whatever it takes to win the title no matter what it took. Even if it meant training in the gym for hours a day, everyday he would do the work required. He never placed any limitations on himself.


As an entrepreneur you have to have the same mindset of never placing an limits on yourself. You have to do whatever it takes to develop your business and make sure you get to where you want to be.

If you would like more information on developing a mindset of an entrepreneur and go to winning ways than I recommend you check out our new book Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Fulfill your Potential and Think Like an Entrepreneur.

This book tells you how you can develop your mindset and what you have to do. It also includes a step by step action plan which you can follow to successfully change your mindset.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this article. If this article helped you or you enjoyed it then please forward it or share it to someone else that you think it may help.

Do you have any of your own tips for developing the correct mindset? Do you agree with the things said in this article?

Please leave your comments in the comment section below.


tools background header

10 Free Tools That Will Make Every Entrepreneurs Life Easier

Being an entrepreneur can be hard. There are many obstacles that can come in the way. Then on top of that there are the high costs of everything such as apps and business tools.

It can get very costly being an entrepreneur. You have so many expenses and it seems that everything is expensive. Even the small costs add up, you end up spending some here and some there and at the end of it all you are in the red in your bank balance.

You may already be broke before you start. To help you out I have complied a list of the best tools and resources for entrepreneurs. This article should aid you in finding free tools for your business.

Free Tools For Entrepreneurs

PicMonkey – This is another stunning free online graphic design tool allows you to make professional modifications to your images without the expensive costs. You can easily touch up your images including teeth whitening, red eye reduction, weight loss and much more. The best thing is you do not have to be a professional to do any of this.

PicMonkey is very easy to do and you can perform things like teeth whitening on pictures with the click of a button. Some features do require you to upgrade to the premium plan which includes additional features and PicMonkey being free of advertisements. However most the features are included in the free plan. The paid plan is $4.99 a month or $33 a year.

PicMonkey opens up in your web-browser so there is no need to install any software at all. I highly praise PicMonkey for its simplicity and ease of use and making graphics design available to everyone.

Morgue File – It can turn into a hassle when you’re trying to find images for your blog or website that are royalty free. If you plan to do just a Google search and take an image from there, don’t. This can be the worst mistake you can do and can prove to be really costly to you and your business.

If you put a copyrighted picture on your website and the copyright owner finds out you can be facing a legal case and the copyright owner can actually sue you.

Morgue File provides high resolution stock photos that are completely free to use and the best thing is that you won’t get into any trouble using the images.

This is an awesome website and you do not have to worry anymore about

RescueTime – All you have to do is install this piece of software and it will run quietly in the background and you won’t even realise it’s there. RescueTime tracks how much time you spend on websites and other applications and gives you a report of where you are actually spending your time.

The free version allows you to set goals, track how long you are spending in websites and applications and gives you a weekly report. Very handy for improving time management. The premium version is only $7 a month or $72 a year and comes with a handful of premium features such as the ability to block distracting websites.
Trello – A strange name to call a productivity tool/app, however this productivity tool helps you keep ahead with your projects. You can effectively and efficiently manage your projects with this tool without the headache. You can also effortlessly collaborate with your team using this tool.

Trello is interface is nice and simple and keeps your notes organised. Trello is compatible with all the latest devices and smartphones and runs on Android Phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire. Oh, and did I mention that’s its free!

WriteMonkey – If you are a writer or someone who writes a lot of content then this is the perfect tool for you. It blocks out all the distractions and allows you to just focus on your writing. Once it’s activated on your computer you will have access to nothing else and it’s just you, your thoughts and your writing.

WriteMonkey has a nice distraction free layout which lets you focus on the task in hand.
It is very small and fast. WriteMonkey takes literally no space up at all. WriteMonkey is very simple and completely distraction free. You can also set timers so you don’t waste any time at all.

If you are someone who checks Facebook every two minutes then I highly recommend you use this free tool!

Riffle – If you want to connect with influential and successful entrepreneurs but you don’t know what to say to them or where to start, don’t worry! Riffle does research on that person or company for you so you don’t have to waste time. It brings up their social media accounts, hashtags, followers and much more.


Riffle provides you with some vital statistics that could prove useful to you.
Just Retweet – You can use this tool to get your tweets retweeted and liked more and also to get more followers to your Twitter account. This service is completely free and you can also use it with Facebook and Google Plus to get more likes and +1s.

social media

A very helpful tool if you want to build up your social following.

Litmus’s Subject Line Checker – With this tool you can find out how your emails will look in different email clients and in different browsers. All you have to do is insert your subject line into Litmus’s Subject Line Checker and it will show you how it will look in various email clients. It’s simple!

This way you can find out if your subject line is too long, if it is your users and subscribers will not be able to read the complete subject line. It is completely free to check the subject lines however you have to upgrade if you want to check more features.

Project Gutenberg – Project Gutenberg offers an extensive digital library of over 46,000 books that are available in the public domain. All the books listed on here are free to use and read.

You can read them for yourselves or you can offer them along with your products that you may be selling. You can also offer them to readers of your blog for free.

If you want you can offer the books that you get from Project Gutenberg and offer them as a free bonus for signing up to your newsletter.

Wave – Wave makes all your accounting, payroll and invoicing simple. You can create unlimited invoices using Wave completely for free while also doing your accounting and bookkeeping completely for free.

Even if you are not an accountant Wave makes it simple to understand. You can even use Wave on your mobile device to access your accounts.

These tools are all amazing tools and resources and should help you to take your business to the next level.

If you would like to know of even more free tools, resources and apps that can take your business to the next level check out our book Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart: Tools, Apps and Resources that Every Blogger an Entrepreneur Should Use (That Are Completely Free and Awesome).

This books contains hundreds of tools and apps that will help you to grow your business and save you hundreds of dollars. The apps and tools featured in this book are used by many successful entrepreneurs like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki.

Click here to get the book.

What tools and software do use for your business? Do you think any of these tools are good and have you tried any of them? Are there any other tools that you find helpful? Leave your comment in the comment section below.

goal setting

How to Achieve Your Goals In 2015 With Goal Setting

We are officially in 2015 and as with the start of every year a load of people are going to be setting their ‘new year resolutions’. A lot of people will try to live by the phrase ‘new year, new me’.

However people that do set ‘new year resolutions’ will most likely fail and end up quitting a month or two down the line. I’m not trying to be pessimistic but that is the truth.

People who do set ‘new year resolutions’ just cannot keep up with their ‘resolutions’. It’s the simple truth.

In this article you will learn how to set goals properly and how you can achieve all the goals that you set in 2015.

new year resolutions

Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

When the new year comes around, many people set their new year resolutions. They might say ‘In 2015 I’m going to get skinny and lose all this weight’ or ‘In 2015 I’m going to make a ton of money’.

However this doesn’t actually end up coming to fruition. According to statistics 92% of people who set new year resolutions end up failing.

John Norcross and his colleagues, who published their findings in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 50% of people set resolutions with the popular being quit smoking, lose weight or improve their current financially situation.

But many people just do not end up sticking with their goals and just end up giving up in like a month or even less in some instances.

New Year Resolutions tend to be very vague that is the main reason why people do not each them.

Some of the resolutions that people tend to set for themselves are not realistic and some just are down right wishful thinking. There are also some people that don’t really want it and just set a new years resolution because everyone else is.

Another thing about new years resolutions is most people just don’t write them down. A study on Harvard MBA graduates asked if they had clear, written goals for the future and if they had a plan in place.

From the whole group only 3% had actually written their goals down while 13% set some goals. A staggering 84% had set no goals at all.

The same group were studied again a decade later to see how they were doing and what progress they had made. The results were that the 13% of people who set goals were earning double than the 84% that had no goals.

But get this, the 3% who wrote down their goals and had a plan were averaging more than ten times the income of the other 97%.

The study is truly mind blowing and shows the power of goal setting and what it can actually achieve for you.

You’ve got to really want it, not just say it because you see someone else doing it. If you really want something then you will do anything to achieve and accomplish it.

Goal Setting

There are many, many examples out there of people who aimed for something, set a goal and achieved it and even surpassed it.

Before he was famous for his martial arts movies, Bruce Lee could not get a break into acting. He was really struggling. It was when he started setting goals that he achieved worldwide success. Bruce Lee wanted to become the highest paid oriental movie star of his time. And as we know it he was.

goal setting

A skinny underdeveloped kid from Austria wanted had a deep desire and massive drive to win the Mr Olympia and Mr Universe body building titles and become one of the most successful actors. He set goals and made sure that he pushed himself hard.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to win a record seven Mr Olympia titles and three Mr Universe titles. He also starred in blockbuster films such as the Terminator franchise, Kindergarten Cop, The Expendables and Conan the Barbarian.

Many people do set goals, and a lot of people actually achieve them. You have to have a hunger to succeed as well as being laser focused and a strong drive. Both Arnold and Bruce had these traits.

The great basketball player Michael Jordan wrote about goal setting in his book I Can’t Accept Not Trying: Michael Jordan on the Pursuit of Excellence. He said the following:

I approach everything step by step….I had always set short-term goals.  As I look back, each one of the steps or successes led to the next one.  When I got cut from the varsity team as a sophomore in high school, I learned something.  I knew I never wanted to feel that bad again….So I set a goal of becoming a starter on the varsity.  That’s what I focused on all summer.  When I worked on my game, that’s what I thought about.  When it happened, I set another goal, a reasonable, manageable goal that I could realistically achieve if I worked hard enough….I guess I approached it with the end in mind.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.  As I reached those goals, they built on one another.  I gained a little confidence every time I came through.

This is a great saying from Michael Jordan with him backing why goal setting is so effective. Michael Jordan had set many goals to become one of the most valued and best athlete in the NBA.

He has become one of the most popular sporting figures of his generations and this is no fluke. MJ has been endorsed and been featured in many advertisements and commercials including  Nike, McDonalds, Chevrolet and Coca-Cola among many other companies.

How to Achieve your Goals In 2015

When you don’t know where to start it can be hard to actually achieve your goal. Also with no support or no mentoring, you can feel kinda overwhelmed and lost.

The first thing you need to do is actually write your goals down and make them SMART. SMART meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. You may have read this before somewhere but setting SMART goals is the best way to actually measure your goals and to see if you are making progress.

goal setting

Many successful people and people who have achieved great things set SMART goals. An example of a SMART goals may be:

‘I will easily make £10,000 a month before December 21st 2015’

‘I will lose 20KG of weight and feel great before August 6th 2015’

These goals are very specific and you can easily measure them. They are also achievable and realistic and you to have a deadline to work towards.

The use of the words ‘easily’ and ‘feel great’ make it easier for your subconscious mind. It makes it feel like those things are already in your grasp and you can achieve them with ease.

The use of the words ‘I will’ makes it sound like you have no doubt that you will achieve it. This programs your mind to make it sound like you have already done it.

Make Small Achievable Goals

This is another step on how you can achieve your bigger goals. Divide your actual bigger goals into smaller manageable goals.

This is how successful people actually manage to achieve their goals and make their goals much more manageable.

Some goals can seem scary and seem too intimidating to start. It might seem a huge distance to your goals and where you are now.

It is very easy to do it and can make your larger goals much more manageable and seem more achievable. All you have to do is start your goals backwards and work your way through them.

So for example; if your goal is to start an online store then you will want to work backwards. So your smaller goals may be to find your suppliers for your online store and then buy the domain name and web hosting for your online store.

This way you will surely be able to manage your goals and achieve them. This way it turns your goals into much more manageable goals and you will be much more likely to accomplish them. So make sure you set smaller goals as well as bigger goals.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the goals you have set for yourself? Do they feel too big for you?

A good way to combat this is to create an action plan for your goals. An action plan is just the necessary steps that you have to follow to complete your goals.

Just setting goals without a plan is just plain stupid and will get you nowhere. As the famous author, Stephen Covey said; “Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.”

This is one of the best quotes I have heard from Stephen Covey and he speaks so true. Without an action plan your goals are just words on a piece of paper.

To create your action plan you should take all the necessary steps it takes to actually accomplish your goal. Break down your goal and write down all the necessary steps it takes to complete your goal.

So if your goal is to ‘make £10,000 a month in income before December 21st 2015’ then you should write down all the steps it takes to complete that goal. Find out how you are going to earn that money and what your business strategy is going to be. Check out this article to find out ways to earn money online.

So some of the things that might go into your action plan is,

  • Sign up to Udemy and create profile.
  • ‘Create videos for Udemy
  • ‘Create eBook for Udemy
  • Create educational material for Udemy
  • Sign up to elance and Fiverr
  • Create profile
  • Create freelancing gigs

You just basically break up your goal and write specifically what is required and what you have to do. Then you just start doing each task and ticking it off the list.


You have to make sure you commit to your goals and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. You have to want it bad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to become one of the greatest bodybuilders of his time. He committed to everything it took to become a bodybuilder. He made sure he did everything it took to get to where he wanted.

Even when he didn’t feel like training and pumping weights, he would. There was one day when he was training for the Mr Olympia title. The local gym he went to was closed because of bad weather conditions.

He wanted to train so badly that he walked to the gym in the bad weather conditions and broke into the gym and started training. It was so cold that his hands would stick to the barbell but he still carried on training.

He was 100% committed to his goals and you should be too.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Ask other people who have already completed the goals that you want to accomplish. Seek out mentors and ask them for help. If you can’t find mentors, read books, blogs and articles to find the correct information and help.


It is very important to visualize your big goals. This means imagining and acting out like you have already completed your goals in your mind. You feel what it feels like when you already have achieved that goal, how you would think and what you would be seeing.

Say if you have a goal of becoming a professional footballer. Now it is a big goal but you would imagine what it feels like to be a footballer, what you would see being a professional footballer and what you would smell. Fully imagine you are actually there.

goal setting

Using Visualization techniques actually works. Obviously you have to put the work in that is necessary to achieve your goal and you cannot just rely on visualization techniques.

Visualization is very powerful. Some celebrities who used visualization techniques  include Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey.

Tiger Woods would visualize from an early age and use his mind and visualization techniques to imagine him being a golf world champion and exactly where he would want the golf ball to stop. He is one of the most well known golf players in the world now.

Oprah Winfrey regularly used to use visualization to get to where she is. She used visualization techniques, positive talk and would also read many self help books. She is now one of the most famous and well known TV personalities and media hosts with her own television network and books. She is the first female black billionaire in North America.


It can be hard to achieve what you want in life but with the right advice and the right mindset you can achieve anything.

You have to be willing to put in the hard work and be determined to succeed. You must have laser sharp focus and be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

If you would like more help on goal setting and achieving your goals, then I suggest you check these books out:

I hope this article helped you and you took away something from this article. If this article helped you then please share it with someone else that you would think it would help.

If you would like learn more inspiration and motivational stories on how famous entrepreneurs and inventors like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and Bill Gates got to where they are and how they got their then I suggest you get The Success Story: Discover and Learn How Ultra Successful People Work and Achieve the Results they want.

This book has the inspirational journeys that these successful people and details what you can learn from each person.

What goals have you set for this year? How do you plan on achieving them? We would love to hear from you. Comment in the comment section below.

start a business

How To Start A Business With No Money

Eight, nine, ten or even more hours a day.  That is how at least most of the employees around the world think about their daily routines at work.  Yes, nobody can deny the fact that these daily realities can be exhausting and surely lead to burnout, sooner or later.  This is the same reason why others choose to get out of their comfort zones and build their own business empire.  Whether we like it or not, the world is fueled by consumerism and that fact is not going to change no matter what happens.

Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we are greeted by different businesses that cater each and every human need.  This is also the reason why it is good to have your business, because you are backed up by the fact that people will always need something, all you have to think about is how you will enter the business world effectively, survive, and rise as a main stay if not the leader.

How to Start a Business With No Money

It would be greatly ideal if someone who is thinking about starting a business up has got some funds to make it move, but starting a business with no money is also possible!  The right amount of determination, resourcefulness, creativeness, flexibility, and open-mindedness is all you need to rocket your business up to the top.  Here are some of the most practical tips or ideas on how you can make things possible:

This video details how to start a business with no money and turn it into a profitable business.

Think about sustainability first.  If you are transitioning from being an employee to business person, make it a point that you do not gamble all the funds that you currently have in hand.  Do not make a snap decision of leaving your current job, if there is any, or park all your money in one spot.  It may be true that business requires endless risk taking, but it does not mean that you are not required to keep some assurance for yourself until your chosen business starts to present some stable return of investments, or if starts to pick up from the start up.  You may consider this idea:  Do not build a sand castle wherein a wave or two can wash everything away.

Layout a clear and concise plan for your business and yourself.  Business is about making money by effectively attracting your target market to buy your ideas, better yet create an idea that will set and dictate a trend for your target market.  Perhaps, the business that you have in mind already exists from points A to Z, in this case you must know your competition well and create an entrance for your business in the market, or make a noticeable improvement of the existing products, services, or ideas.

Take some time to study and research about their history, how they make the business move, and what took them to take off.  Also, always ask the question:  How you can make considerable profit that will offset your investments of time and funds?  It is important for a business person to remember not settle with a single plan because contingency is the key.

If you are good at something or have a particular skill you could start that off as a business. For example if you are a particularly skilled writer or a proficient programmer you can outsource your skills to others and become an article writer or a programmer. Take a look at this article if you need help.


You can even create your own website and offer your own services through your own website to avoid outsourcing websites to take a cut out of your sales.

However you can also build your business around your business or your passion. Say you like playing football and your favourite team is Chelsea FC. You can build a blog around Chelsea FC and put up information about them.

For instance you could publish their match schedule, your views on their match, who you think played good, who played crap, the team lineup, the list can go on and on. Along with that you can also use affiliate marketing to make some money by referring Chelsea FC merchandise to your readers. Check out this article for more information on affiliate marketing.

If you don’t those two ideas aren’t your cup of tea/coffee then you can try selling online. You can try selling products online through eBay, Gumtree and Craigslist. These are inexpensive ways to get started and some take practically no money at all to get started.

All you have to do is simply get some products together, these can be products you don’t need at home and you want to get rid of or you can just resell them from eBay and other sites. Another option is also drop-shipping which is very profitable. If you want to learn more check out this article.

Research Your Market

In line with the second thought, do not forget to tap and test your own plans.  See for yourself if the steps you created will make an impact, it does not matter whether it is big or small; determine its effectiveness or if it will even make a mark to your chosen market.

Do not be overwhelmed with the already established and well-doing businesses around you.  Always keep in mind that great things start from small beginnings.  It is important that you learn things well before you set yourself off in the market.  Not everything in the business world need to be costly, it is not always about spending for something that you need to acquire to make you fully equipped for the competition.

You can always find opportunities to learn proven ideas or you can learn business skills that are less costly if it is not got going to require a charge.  Again, make your own research about the companies or establishments who have had some time in the industry already.  Better yet, make friends with other people who are also doing business because that is a sure avenue to get valuable tips and ideas, too.  Nevertheless, attending to a simple and less costly seminars and workshops will also help you a lot in building your business skills and ideas.  If you are starting up, it is important to keep all costs low.

start a business

In the beginning, you must gather all the resources that you have and know how to maximize them, without forgetting sustainability and contingency.  It is very important that you create a strategy on how you will dispose your resources effectively and always remember to keep something in hand in case you need to use them due to ever present setbacks.

It is very important to research the business you are going to go into. Without proper planning and research you are just setting yourself up to fail. Make sure you have an audience and people who want what you have or are selling.

You can do this by using the Google Keyword Planner or Keywood Tool and searching for the keyword term which you have. These tools show you want is popular and what isn’t.

Use Google Trends to see what is hot and what is not. Google Trends basically shows you what people are searching for most using the search engine Google.

Marketing Your Business

Let your target market know that you have emerged and that you exist.  This idea is simply talking about advertisement and business promotions.  Most business failures happen because they were not able to effectively make their existence known to the market.  Though, the word advertisement may be a little intimidating due to the expenses it may bring, this is where resourcefulness and creativity kicks in.

It is not a requirement that you put all your funds to television and radio commercials; you are not limited to billboards, magazines, and newspaper advertisements!  Start with your family and friends, make them aware about your business, and spread the word about your business.  Create simple posters and flyers and bring to places where people frequently visit, hand them over to people yourself!

Use forums related to your niche to promote your business. Make sure you do not spam the forums with advertisements of your business and instead put helpful comments and comments that relate to the discussion and add value.

So going back to our Chelsea FC example, if I were the owner of that site, I would go on Google and type in ‘chelsea fc forums’ and click search. Then I would click on the top listed forum on Google and started joining in on the conversation in the forums.

Start posting useful and helpful content into these forums and start contributing to the conversation. Post your URL or whatever you are selling in your Signature.

Consider technology and use it to your advantage without spending a fortune.  Technology does not have to be costly at all times.  Most people nowadays spend a bulk of their time daily online, the Internet.  Make use of the social media as your start up point of advertisement before considering the major TV, radio, and billboard type of advertisements.  This is the easiest yet one of the most effective ways to promote your business to your friends, the community, and even to the world.  Just think about the number of the potential thousand or even million viewers online.  Just make your business visible in every possible and less costly route.

You can start making videos about your business and upload it to YouTube but instead of self-promoting make videos about your niche and things that would be helpful to your user. For example if you had a dating website that teaches men to get women instead of just posting a video of you saying ‘go to my website’ you might want to try a different approach.

Give value instead. Record yourself telling people how they can do it. For example you might record a video about what to say to a girl or how to approach a girl. At the end you can tell viewers where they can get more information and tell them about your site. This way you would end up getting a lot more people interested.

It may be true that business is making money, do not forget to consider your passion and incorporate that to your line.  It is a fact that starting up a business can stir some stress and anxiety.  It will in fact be stressful if you will just pour your thoughts in making money without considering your passion.  The very first thing that a person needs to consider in setting up a business is his or her interest, without the said factor everything will just spiral back down to the burnout feeling similar to being a regular employee; the business being the boss and the business owner as its employee.

start a business

If you are working things out of your passion, nothing can bring your energy down towards reaching your goal – to earn money out of your passion.  Your passion and your unquestionable interest towards your business will fuel everything up to make you take off and lead your own league.

A business person needs to learn how to unlearn things that will not be helpful for the business to be successful.  It is as simple as being open to ideas and new things.  Things change constantly and you cannot be stagnant when doing business, it is important that you and your business knows how to welcome and adjust to changes.  One of the most practical ways of learning important things from your competitors to stay in the race is to observe; this is where you can pick up ideas and techniques that you can even improve to make things work in your favor.  You need to know how to become flexible all the time.

Consider your customers as your business’ top priority, too.  You are definitely doing a business for nothing without your customers, the target market.  When creating your products, services, or ideas that you are going to sell to your customers, it is important that you think and consider their welfare and interest, not just your own.  Showing them and making them feel that they are your boss will make them come knocking to your door and demand for your business.  Offer and make them understand the value your business is offering to them compared to what competitors can give, and make it a point that it is something worth considering for.  Always think and respect their wants and needs.

If the funds are really not right but you really have a feasible idea, consider inviting some potential investors who will do the job of funding your business up from the ground.  All these are possible if you know how to utilize the power of the Internet.  You may want to check some websites that will allow you to discuss and layout your business blueprint and ideas (but not revealing all vital information to the point that others can grab it from you), if someone agrees with your thinking, then you are going to get someone online to help you fuel up and realize your plans.

Lastly, you must know how to negotiate to your investors (if there is any), customers, and even your competitors effectively.  Effective negotiation can play a very important role when starting up a business or saving a business and all its plans.  For the life of the business, well-equipped, fair and economically educated bargaining works all the time and making your business either stay on track or win the race at some point.

I hope this article helped you and you it is proved to be useful to you. If you think someone else may benefit from it please let them know and share it with them.

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blogs you should be reading

11 Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

There millions of blogs and thousands of new blogs being created everyday. In fact, there are over 150 million blogs and this number continues to keep growing. Billions of people access these blogs everyday. But there are some blogs that are very beneficial and some blogs you should be reading.

20 years ago blogs never really existed but fast forward to now and there are plenty of blogs. There are tons of blogs out there that you can learn from. I think you can learn something from every blog and person.

In this article you will discover new business blogs and different blogs regarding entrepreneurship you should be reading. Some of these blogs you may have heard of and some of these blogs may be new to you.

blogs you should be reading

Blogs You Should Be Reading

Blogs can change the way you think. Blogs can help you learn new things and change your perspective on things. A good blog can keep you coming back for more information.

They are a great source of content and information. They allow you to get your point of view across to many people quickly, rapidly and cost effective. Blogs educate you, inspire you and influence to make change.


Copyblogger is started as a one man blog started by Brian Clark. Now with over 20 employees and a numerous range of other online businesses including StudioPress and Scribe. Copyblogger started in 2006 and has now exapanded to Copyblogger Media LLC.

Copyblogger share techniques on content marketing, SEO and copywriting. It also gives great methods on improving your online business. Copyblogger should definitely be one of the blogs you should be reading.

The writing style on Copyblogger is fresh and contain a somewhat conversational tone which is great. Copyblogger has loads of articles on making money online and improving your online businesses.


Problogger is a very popular website started by Darren Rowse. Problogger started in 2004 and has since gone from strength to strength and built a large community consisting of thousands of people.

Darren Rowse has since started other popular blogs like Digital Photography School and TwiTip.

Problogger provides tips on how to build a better blog and create a more profitable business while also giving some awesome tips on monetizing your blog and  growing your business. As well as the Problogger website, there is the Problogger Jobboard which provides freelancing opportunities and jobs for bloggers, web developers and designers.

Self Made Businessman

This is a very interesting blog to read as it contains many helpful tips to make more money and get more traffic to your website. The thing I like about this website is the case studies that are featured on this blog which are very inspiring and motivating. The case studies featured are very high quality and cut through all the bull shit and are straight to the point.

This blog  is owned by Dave Schneider who was not happy with his normal 9-5 job in banking and wanted something more out of life. That’s when he decided to quit his job and go backpacking around the world and open his blog the Self Made Businessman.

The posts featured on Self Made Businessman are very detailed and it is obvious Dave puts a lot of work into his blog. The straightforward style that he writes in and no BS approach makes this is one of the blogs you should be reading.

Project Life Mastery

project life masteryProject Life Mastery started mainly as a self improvement blog giving advice on how to improve your life, confidence and productivity. It has since expanded into sharing advice and tips on making money online, building a profitable blog and Kindle publishing.

Stefan Pylarinos is the owner of Project Life Mastery and consistently earns over $40,000 per month online and he shows you exactly how to do it.

The awesome thing about this blog is he shares his income and goals online and is completely transparent. He is transparent on how much he earns online and recently earned over $70,000 a month from all his income sources.

Smart Passive Income

You must of heard of the Smart Passive Income blog. Pat Flynn who runs SPI does a great job and is completely transparent on how he does it. Pat discloses the amount of income he makes from his blog and other online businesses. He continues to publish income reports and regularly makes more than $80,000 a month, which is truly inspiring.

Pat mostly writes about affiliate marketing, SEO and social media. He also has a popular podcast which he also publishes regularly. You can download his podcast for free from iTunes.

Flynn made his start in online business when he was made redundant from his architecture job. He had started Green Exam Academy as a way to organise his revision notes for the Architecture exam. It wasn’t long since the site started raking thousands of dollars a month.

Pat then started Smart Passive Income, a way for normal people to earn a living online. SPI boasts a massive community of over 100,000 people. Smart Passive Income should definitely be one of the blogs you should be reading.

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a fellow blogger from the UK and runs this eponymous blog. Matt’s blog is pretty successful and consistently earns of $10,000 a month.

Matt has some excellent tutorials ranging from SEO to increasing your online presence. His tutorials are step by step and are very informative.

Matthew has extensive knowledge on SEO and increasing your ranking on search engines. Matt’s blog has also won a numerous amount of awards for his awesome tutorials and amazing content.

matthew woodward

The Blog of Tim Ferriss – Experiments in Lifestyle Design

If you are an entrepreneur then you must of heard of Tim Ferriss. Author of the Four Hour book series including The Four Hour Workweek and The Four Hour Chef. Tim Ferriss loves experimenting with lifestyle design and loves finding out lifestyle ‘hacks’. You can check the review out for The Four Hour Workweek by clicking here.

In his blog you can discover techniques to boost your sites traffic, lifestyle and skill hacks, productivity tips and much more. If you haven’t checked out Tim Ferriss’ blog, it should absolutely on your list of blogs you should be reading.

Tim Ferriss is a genius. He has guest lectured in many university included Princeton University, holds a world record in tango and is a National Chinese kickboxing champion.

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a great blogger who has mastered the art of outsourcing. Chris Ducker’s blog is dedicated to making your business and life better and a specialist in outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants. He even has his own company that provides Virtual Assistants called, Virtual Staff Finder.

Chris Ducker started his entrepreneurial journey back in 2009 and started his blog in 2010 after getting sick of working 14 hour days for six days a week.the only difference is this guy

He marketed and grew his business even more and used social media and online video content to further grow his brand.

Chris’ blog features information on content marketing, outsourcing your business, social media and building your brand.

Chris Guillebeau 

Another guy called Chris, the only difference is this Chris has been to 193 countries and his surname is harder to pronounce! Chris Guillebeau is also a successful author who has had his books make the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

His widely successful book $100 Startup has sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. You can check the review out for the book here.

$100 Startup

In Chris’ blog you’ll find different stuff about travelling, personal development and life planning. You will also find stuff on business, entrepreneurship and living your passion. He is also speaks at dozens of events including at Google and Facebook.

Quick Sprout 

Quick Sprout teaches you how to build your traffic and get more visitors to your website. Neil Patel the founder of the blog is also the founder of other online businesses including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar.

He has also consulted for companies like Amazon, HP and Viacom. Neil has been recognized by President Obama as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30, which is kind of a big deal.

Quick Sprout has some great, in-depth and easy to understand guides on online marketing, SEO, link building and growth hacking. He has an excellent ability of making tough, complicated subjects into easy to understand and simple.

Quick Sprout is a great blog to tell you all about online marketing and building a business online.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson is the woman behind The Suitcase Entrepreneur.  Natalie started her entrepreneurial journey back in 2009 and in 2010 started The Suitcase Entrepreneur. From her blog she sells her own books, digital products, offers coaching and offers workshops.

Natalie shows you how you can get more freedom, build a great online business and travel the world while doing what you love. She also has an amazing podcast in which she interviews great, inspirational guests such as Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and many more awesome entrepreneurs. Her podcast is available to download for free on iTunes.

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These are my regular blogs that I love to read. I read a lot more but fitting them into one list would be kind of hard. I may have missed some excellent blogs out. What are your favorite blogs? We’d love to hear from you.

Want some inspiration on how to succeed? Want to know the how successful people achieve their success? Check out The Success Story which is available on Amazon.

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late bloomer

You Are Never Too Old To Succeed – People Who Are Late Bloomers [Infographic]

It is very inspiring to hear stories of young people who succeed at life and business. After hearing about people like Farrah Gray who was the owner of Farr-Out Foods which was worth $1.5 million all before he turned 14. There are many late bloomers in life.

Brian Wong was in charge of Business development at Digg at the age of 19 and went on to co-found Kiip in 2010 which is a mobile apps reward platform which allows users to get real world rewards for in game achievements.

You might be thinking that I am too old to start a business or succeed at life after hearing about young success stories such as Mark Zukerberg who started Facebook from his college dorm room and is now worth $33.3 billion.

Everyone knows about the Mark Zukerberg story and it is well pictured in the Hollywood feature film The Social Network starring Jesse Eisenberg. Zukerberg’s story is very inspirational of how he got Facebook started and how he turned it into one of the most popular websites in the world and most valuable companies in the world.

the social network

But there are plenty of people and entrepreneurs who found success later on in their life and were actually really, really successful.

Take for example Alan Rickman who stars as Hans Gruber from Die Hard and Professor Snape from the Harry Potter Series. Alan actually started with his own graphic design business and decided to change his career into acting when he was in his 30’s.

He eventually started his acting career and got his big break at the age of 46. This just goes to show if you have the will and determination nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

Colonel Harland David Sanders started his world famous fried chicken restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)  at age 65.

Before starting KFC Colonel Sanders had a numerous amount of jobs including farmer and owning a gas station. It was around 1940 that Sanders started his restaurant and franchised it in the 50’s.

Today there are more than 15,000 restaurants worldwide and more than 12 million people eat at them worldwide. There is nothing you cannot achieve with the right focus, discipline and determination.

Do you want to see more examples of people who achieved great things and success later than usual. Check out this great infographic below by Funders and Founders designer Anna Vital

late bloomers


The infographic above gives many examples of people who start in their chosen fields at a late age. Some notable examples from the infographic include Fauja Singh who started marathon running at 89 and broke the record for his age bracket at 93 completing the 26.2 mile distance run in 6 hours and 54 minutes.

Pretty impressive for his age!

Still think its too late to start? The infographic below tells you its not.


too late to start

(Source: www.fundersandfounders.com)


6 Ways To Live Like An Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Being an entrepreneur is great. You don’t have to listen to anyone else because you are your own boss. You have the freedom to work however much you want and whenever you want.

You have more time to spend with your loved ones, friends and family. The list is literally endless. The positives outweigh the negatives by tenfold.

There have been countless amazing entrepreneurs over the years. From classical entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to more modern entrepreneurs like Mark Zukerberg and Andrew Mason (founder of Groupon).

Everybody wants to live the entrepreneur lifestyle however not everyone knows how to.  In this article we will show you 6 different ways to live like an entrepreneur and find success in what you do.

There are 6 simple steps shown below in the infographic and if followed and implemented, will help you to achieve better results and accomplish a lot more as an entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur  Entrepreneurs have a never give up attitude to life and to their business. If they fail in business and life, they do not just give up everything and think they are a failure. They move onto to their next project or business and start working away.

The inforgraphic ( from www.usana.com) shows you have to be self motivated to become an entrepreneur. When you are first starting your own business you may have to work long hours on your own. You don’t have a boss to scream and shout at you to motivate you.

So you have to start motivating yourself and be self-motivated.

Some ideas may be to set smaller goals so you know what to achieve everyday. This could be as simple as splitting a bigger goal into smaller manageable goals so it is easier for you to complete.

You cannot work only for money. If you work and do everything only for money, you will start to find that life is turning meaningless. You have to find something that you love to do and something you are really passionate about. Try to find stuff that you enjoy like your passions, interests and hobbies and see if you can make a business from them.

Taking action is one of the most biggest and most important steps in this infographic. If you do not take any action at all then your business idea may never actually become a business.

If you take one thing away from this article then it should be to take action. Implement these ideas and tips into your business and life and you will start to see changes and major results.

You will live a much more productive life and be able to live the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Implementing these steps into your business will also give your business much more efficient results and you will actually  be able to improve the results of your business.

If you have any of your own tips and ideas on improving your business and life overall, then we would love to hear them. Share them in the comment section below!

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